Would YOU Give Adam Levine a Helping Hand?

Adam Levine naked

No, no, not just the hand you see above — click through for the SNSFW (Sorta Not Safe For Work) versions to see what I’m referring to …

I get that this shoot was for charity and that Adam Levine is a great-looking guy and I deal in great-looking guys, but … eww (at least it was his girlfriend’s hands).

So let me ask: Would you have given him a helping hand? If so, would you require cash, and how much? If you wouldn’t have done it, is there a celeb you would help? I can name a few …

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  • Rose

    HELL no. Johnny Depp yes!

  • Anonymous

    I find him intensely annoying but I would gladly handle his man junk.

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  • Ruby

    I’m a straight woman. Why wouldn’t I want to handle an attractive man’s junk, famous or no???

  • Victoria

    I would PAY to be the “hand model” in this shoot… (Sorry Anne!)

  • emily

    holy shit who wouldnt! what a sexy sexy man

  • Jasmin

    I’d do that for free!!

  • anybody

    hell yeah

  • I would pay him to let me give a helping hand haha! He is goooorg!!!!

  • Hellz to the yeah, except I “probably” wouldn’t be found behind him while doing so (Butt you never know lol)

  • For a skinny guy he looks good!!

  • lucy

    Yes he is a beautiful man. I would gladly do that. I especially love the tats.

  • Greg

    Hell Yeah!!!

  • Hannah

    He might be scrawny, but he’s sexy as hell. I think I dream of those tatts and that sexy smirk.

  • Anonymous

    oh my god yes…

  • Kate

    I know straight men that want to have his kids – the man’s sexy.

  • Kimberly

    I would honestly do anything for Adam Levine.. He is so hot… He does an awesome job on the Voice and he is a great coach along with all the others on there..

  • Anonymous

    Both hands

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  • Alexis

    Is that a serious question?

  • The woman who did this got paid (obviously), but I would do it for free! No, I would PAY to do it! 🙂 I love that douchey man 🙂