Top 10 Hottest Football Players 2013

Hottest Football Players

Thirty-two teams, 53-player rosters each. Take it from us: There’s a lot of M-A-N in the NFL. We know, ’cause we looked at them all to produce this list of the National Football League’s 10 hottest players 2013!

We take our research a little too seriously and are crazy picky about our picks. So, if you’re upset that Tim Tebow didn’t make our cut, for instance, please understand that it was because he got cut by the New England Patriots, not us. Blame Bill Belichick (we love doing that)! Speaking of the Pats, veteran tally topper Tom Brady got edged off our list this year by a new teammate. Hope that doesn’t mean Brady won’t throw him the ball!

To make the most of this list — which is ranked in reverse order by hotness — you don’t have to know the difference between a wide receiver and a running back, but you simply must have an appreciation for a tight end (sorry). Keep scrolling below to join us in counting down the Top 10 Sexiest NFL Players of the 2013-2014 Season!

10. DANNY AMENDOLA, New England Patriots

Hottest Football Players: Danny Amendola

Position: Wide receiver
Age: 27
Marital Status: Single (we think … we hope)
What Makes Him Swoonworthy: That smirk, those biceps (tie)

Tom Brady’s brand-new weapon is actually an NFL veteran who most recently played for the St. Louis Rams. At 5’10” the Texas native is called “undersized,” like his pretty Pats predecessor Wes Welker. The oft-hurt Amendola was just listed with a groin injury (no, not there!). Let’s hope it doesn’t keep him off the field: The civic-minded player has pledged to donate $100 for every pass he catches — and $200 for every dropped pass, haters! — to a relief fund for victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

9. VICTOR CRUZ, New York Giants

Hottest Football Players: Victor Cruz

Position: Wide receiver
Age: 26
Marital Status: Has longtime girlfriend
What Makes Him Swoonworthy: Gotta love a man who can dance!

The player who brought salsa dancing into the stadium has so much style to spare he started his own clothing line. The New Jersey native is so famously well groomed he has even just been named a spokesman for Gillette. Check out how he gets that 6-foot body of his in Super Bowl shape: “Every three weeks or so I get a manicure and pedicure, and every other week I get a massage. You have to do those little things to keep your body in shape. In the long run it pays off.” Oh, my, and how!

8. MARK SANCHEZ, New York Jets

Hottest Football Players: Mark Sanchez

Position: Quarterback
Age: 26
Marital Status: Single (very)
What Makes Him Swoonworthy: Tendency for shirtless photo shoots

The newly injured and long-struggling Sanchez might not be a Jet — or maybe even an NFL quarterback — for that much longer, so we’d better grab every opportunity we can to gaze at his luscious dark curls and soulful brown eyes. And it looks like we won’t be seeing the 6’2″ stud on the field for at least a couple more weeks because of that stupid right shoulder injury (thanks again, Rex!) … but if he cares to use his time off to make any more of those sexy viral videos, we are so in!

7. JORDAN CAMERON, Cleveland Browns

Hottest Football Players: Jordan Cameron

Position: Tight end
Age: 25
Marital Status: Dating Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton
What Makes Him Swoonworthy: Sexy scowl, even sexier smile

It is hilarious that Cameron has been called “the man without a face” to casual Browns fans — ’cause his face is simply stunning! Meanwhile, savvy fantasy football fans are hoping the 6’5″ hunk is the “next big thing,” while we people with good eyesight just know he is. And speaking of seeing things … we’ve seen the Los Angeleno in his USC days with totally rad surfer locks and showing off his crazy basketball skills with Blake Griffin. Now we need to see the man with his shirt off. Get on it, GQ!

6. CAM NEWTON, Carolina Panthers

Hottest Football Players: Cam Newton

Position: Quarterback
Age: 24
Marital Status: Single
What Makes Him Swoonworthy: He’s just soooo much man

As the former Heisman winner and 2011 No. 1 draft pick enters his third season in the league, expectations are once again as high as the 6’5″ Newton is tall. As yet another gridiron stud with his own line of clothes, the native Georgian has often brought his self-described ‘swaggerific‘ sense of fashion to the pages of GQ and Esquire. But us? We like it better when he poses in nothing but his underwear. Thank you, Under Amour, for starting what we hope is a big, big trend!

5. REGGIE BUSH, Detroit Lions

Hottest Football Players: Reggie Bush

Position: Running back
Age: 28
Marital Status: Engaged to his baby mama
What Makes Him Swoonworthy: Smile, torso (we refuse to pick just one!)

Bush is always making Top 10 hunks lists like this, so we resisted including him yet again, we really did. But resistance is futile when he keeps posting Instagram pics of his adorable baby girl and his sexy, built-up body. The 6-foot Californian has been kicking around the league (more accurately, running around it) since 2006, and earlier this year found what we hope is a happy new home on the Lions’ roster. A happy Reggie is a productive Reggie. And a productive Reggie lands on magazine covers, usually shirtless. Everybody wins!

4. COLIN KAEPERNICK, San Francisco 49ers

Hottest Football Players: Colin Kaepernick

Position: Quarterback
Age: 25
Marital Status: Single
What Makes Him Swoonworthy: No body issues whatsoever

Colin Kaepernick is a confident guy. If his showing off his many tattoos — all of them, if you get our drift — in the 2013 ESPN Body Issue hasn’t convinced you of his abundance of confidence, how about this: When he was in the fourth grade, he wrote a letter predicting he would one day play for the Niners (which he did), and that he would one day grow to the towering height of 6 feet 4 inches (which he did). Count us confident that we’ll see another skin-filled photoshoot from him in the coming weeks.

3. CLAY MATTHEWS, Green Bay Packers

Hottest Football Players: Clay Matthews

Position: Linebacker
Age: 27
Marital Status: Single
What Makes Him Swoonworthy: Uh, you saw the hair, right?

There’s a reason that Matthews appears in commercials for everything from Depends to Campbell’s Chunky Soup: The ladies love a Viking stud! “The Claymaker” is the only defensive player to land on this list, and at 6’3″ and 255 pounds, who was going to stop him? Actually, part of his appeal is the fact that he appears to be a gentle giant, and a pretty funny one at that. Still, it’s safe to say that the only quarterback that wants to get anywhere near him on the football field is his own.

2. ADRIAN PETERSON, Minnesota Vikings

Hottest Football Players: Adrian Peterson

Position: Running back
Age: 28
Marital Status: Single
What Makes Him Swoonworthy: No physical weaknesses (see below)

A.P. is pretty much the entire nation’s No. 1 fantasy football pick for 2013, and the multiple-time MVP and regular record-breaker came thisclose to topping our list too. One NFL colleague was recently quoted as saying that Peterson the player “really has no weaknesses” — and that was from a competitor! One of our greatest weaknesses is spending too much time staring at photos that show his ridiculously ripped torso. Believe us when we say we could do drool over him All Damned Day!

1. ERIC DECKER, Denver Broncos

Hottest Football Players: Eric Decker

Position: Wide receiver
Age: 26
Marital Status: Newlywed
What Makes Him Swoonworthy: EVERYTHING

Great looks, humble, talented, Decker is the whole package — and we’re not making a veiled reference to that whole thing about him tripping on his supposed “third leg” on national TV! The man is so beyond perfect that he makes even acne treatment look spectacular. His Broncos take on the Super Bowl-winning Baltimore Ravens in tonight’s season opener, and we’ll be looking for him to catch a pass or three from QB Peyton Manning. If that plan fails, we’ll have plenty of chances to gawk at him (and his new wife, country singer Jessie James) on their upcoming reality show. From the previews we’ve seen of E!’s “Eric & Jessie: Game On,” we’re guessing that Eric’s reality doesn’t include a lot of shirts!

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