‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ Movie Celebration


Oh-so-loosely based on and using songs from the classic Beatles album, 1978’s “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” movie was reviled by cinephiles, Fab Four fans and just about everyone who likes movies and music in general. Rotten Tomatoes rates it at an abysmal 15 percent, but me? I loved it. How I loved it! I saw it in the theater. Twice. If I were older and could haven driven myself to the cinema, or lived close enough to walk there, I alone would have made the box-office bomb profitable.

Peter Frampton and the Bee Gees in "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"

Yes, Maurice, this movie IS awesome!

The movie, which “celebrated” its 35th anniversary on July 21, starred Peter Frampton and the Bee Gees at the height of their popularity. Its plot is dementedly corny and its cover versions of the Beatles tunes are suspect at best, but the big screen was oh-so-kind to the beatifically lion-maned Barry Gibb — he of the highest, breathiest roar you’ve ever heard, rawr — and the lusciously goldilocked Peter Frampton, who owned my loins for several years (and could still have them upon request, even though he’s totes bald now). The movie also made bowler-hatted cutie-patootie Paul Nicholas a household name … in my house. (OMG, but “Heaven on the 7th Floor,” you guys!)

Peter Frampton in "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"

Get your hands of my man, woman!

Luckily for us all, “Sgt. Pepper’s” is currently streaming on Netflix. Damn right, it’s playing on a loop in my place right now! After all these years, do I still love it? YES. It is CRAPTASTIC, and I LOVE IT, unreservedly. C’mon, even haters would find watching it worth it for the tight-pants brawl between Frampton and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, not to mention the ’70s-star-filled finale (Leif Garrett! Carol Channing! Wolfman Jack!). Watch it and I guarantee you will at least be AMAZED.

Click below for some of our favorite “Sgt. Pepper’s” movie moments, in photos and videos:



Frampton’s “Golden Slumbers” still makes me cry:


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