The 5 Most Swoonworthy Moments of the Royal Wedding

Bridesmaid Pouts During Royal Wedding Kiss

Awww, it’s over already?!? We’ve been waiting monthsyears, really — for this Royal Wedding, and now that the party’s winding down, we’re pouting almost as much as the little bridesmaid in the photo above!

But it was such a beautiful ceremony and everyone looked so gorgeous, we’re going to remember it fondly again and again. Let’s start here, with our look back at The 5 Most Swoonworthy Moments of the Royal Wedding!

Our countdown begins:

5. David Beckham pats Posh’s tummy

David Beckham Pats Victoria Beckham's Tummy at Royal Wedding

Becks looked so astonishing with his throwback top hat and shiny medal, that it was hard to pick just one moment … but patting your wife’s pregnant tummy while looking this hot will certainly do. Even Posh looks slightly pleased!

4. The newlyweds’ surprise spin in the vintage Aston Martin

Prince William and Princess Catherine Go for a Spin

Love the surprise and the couples’ obvious delight at pulling it off. Love the cheesy decorations. And totally love the car.

3. Hunky Harry riding in a carriage with little pages and bridesmaids

Prince Harry Rides in a Carriage With Children

Words fail.

With the view this little girl has, you’d think she’d be a bit perkier:

Bridesmaid Pouts in Carriage With Prince Harry

P.S. Love her.

2. Harry steals a peek as Kate walks down the aisle

Prince Harry Peeks at Kate


Reports have Harry saying either, “Right, here she is now” or “Wait til you see her” — we prefer the second, less-popular choice. Either way, he looked adorably impish saying it, so whatev.

Watch a 40-second clip of the moment and read his royal lips for yourself:

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(There are worse ways to spend an afternoon.)

1. Prince William whispering “You look beautiful” to Kate at the altar

Exactly what every bride wants to hear, from the right guy, at the exact right moment. Wills for the win!

And, just like the moment itself, a BONUS: The unprecedented second kiss!

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Cheers to the happy couple!

Images via Today and Daylife

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