Ryan Guzman Shirtless (25 Sexy Photos)

Ryan Guzman shirtless

Ryan Guzman shirtless photos are pretty much ruling my life right now. The gorgeous actor is the titular bad boy who so sexily and memorably enjoys Jennifer Lopez’s cookies in new flick ‘The Boy Next Door.’ The movie is taglined “An Obsession He Couldn’t Control,” which is an amazing coincidence: Looking at his beautiful face and ripped torso are pretty much obsessions that I can’t seem to control. (Nor do I choose to control those impulses, but that’s obviously another issue.)

Thankfully, he’s appeared on film and in photo shoots a-plenty sans clothing. And he’s been breaking hearts and covering bedroom walls long before making torrid love to JLo on the big screen. He’s the studly star of the fourth and fifth ‘Step Up’ movies and somehow didn’t end up with the girl as Jake on ‘Pretty Little Liars.’ Ryan apparently has got a bunch of other projects in the works, but I want more of him NOW. If you agree, I think you’re going to like what you’re about to see …

25 Photos of Ryan Guzman Shirtless!

Bonus hotness: Ryan Guzman kisses Jennifer Lopez’s belly

Ryan Guzman kisses Jennifer Lopez

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