Rafael Nadal Strips for Tommy Hilfiger Underwear

Rafael Nadal for Tommy Hilfiger

Facebook/Tommy Hilfiger

Rafael Nadal strips for Tommy Hilfiger, live and on film!

The tennis champ — who famously shared lots of his sexy self for Armani previously — is the new spokesbody for the clothing brand and has wasted no time in grabbing our attention.

Rafa’s new Hilfiger TV spot is one of the sexiest commercials to air, like, ever. As if that weren’t publicity enough, Nadal just played a match of strip tennis in the center of New York City to officially launch the underwear campaign. Which means we are all winners!

The commercial shows Rafa entering a locker room shirtless wearing v. tight jeans. Nice. It gets better from there — WAY better — when he starts stripping off. A closeup of his happy trail as he begins to pull down his bright and shiny Hilfiger underwear is as good as it gets. All told, this ad makes an absolutely compelling argument for not fast-forwarding through the commercials on your DVR.

Check out Rafa’s hot new Hilfiger spot and his sexy NYC tennis match in the clips below!

Watch the Rafael Nadal Tommy Hilfiger Commercial

Watch Rafael Nadal Play Strip Tennis in NYC

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