Michael Strahan Stripping for Your Pleasure

The rumor mill is going crazy that Michael Strahan will be named the new co-host on “Live With Kelly” on Sept. 4, permanently taking over for the dearly departed (not in the dead way) Regis Philbin.

The former New York Giants football star was one of 59 men and women to sit in the tall chair next to Kelly. I watch the show each day from my perch at Swoonworthy HQ, so I’ve seen every single one of the candidates. Other than the amazingly versatile — but alas, completely unavailable — Neil Patrick Harris and Anderson Cooper, Michael Strahan is the very best choice for “Live!”

Strahan’s chemistry with Kelly is obvious and undeniable. He is gracious, funny and self-deprecating in the host chat segment. He’s also a good interviewer — a skill lacking in so many other of the candidates. His ginormous size is endlessly entertaining to the diminutive Kelly; I doubt she will tire of comparing hand or feet size any time soon. It’s always good for a giggle, anyway.

Yes, I previously backed other candidates for the job, but I was finally won over completely when Strahan pulled off a hilarious surprise striptease in honor of guest Channing Tatum’s “Magic Mike.” It was magic, people, MAGIC. I took to Twitter to freak out publicly, along with so many others. That’s when I knew he had it in the bag. Hot moves and hot legs to match? He had my vote!

Check out Michael Strahan’s “Live With Kelly” striptease for yourself here:

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