Magic Mike XXL Trailer, Official Poster + GIFs

Magic Mike XXL

Warner Bros.

‘Magic Mike XXL’ is coming! ‘Magic Mike XXL’ is coming!

With a brand-spanking-new teaser trailer and official poster just released, audiences everywhere are getting their first look at the much-anticipated sequel to 2012’s ‘Magic Mike,’ aka The Citizen Kane of Male Stripper Movies. You should know that you now have plans with girlfriends to hit the theater on July 1. (Count me in, ladies!)

Once again taking it off on the big screen will be the original’s Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello and Adam Rodriguez. Strippers not taking the stage this time around are the beautiful, often shirtless Alex Pettyfer and the eternally sexy Matthew McConaughey. (Maybe he if he won his Oscar for ‘Magic Mike’ we’d be getting an encore.)

But the good news: Among the new guys showing some skin this time are uber-ripped dancer-actor-‘Ellen’ stalwart Stephen “tWitch” Boss and former Super Bowl stud/current talk-show cutie Michael Strahan. Also, reports suggest that the new movie’s tone will not only be less dark but it will fully embrace the concept. That concept being the following: THE AUDIENCE IS THERE FOR THE MALE NUDITY. BRING IT!!!!!

Speaking of bringing it, I have fully brought it below — check out the movie’s first poster in all its over-the-top glory, the Magic Mike XXL trailer with all its hot action and the eight most important GIFs that will get you even more primed for the main ‘MMXXL’ event!

The ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Poster — coming soon to my bedroom wall!

Magic Mike Poster

Warner Bros.

And now, some tasty GIFs I made from the official teaser trailer (which appears below):

We get what you’re driving at, Channing Tatum. And we like it.

Magic Mike XXL animated gif

THIS is just the Magic Mike XXL trailer, people! Imagine the rest!

Magic Mike XXL animated gif

Matt Bomer is the sexy filling in this lucky-lady sandwich.

Magic Mike XXL animated gif

That’s a lot of product placement that I simply don’t see.

Magic Mike XXL animated gif

That really deserves another look, doesn’t it?

Magic Mike XXL animated gif

High-five for sexy guys!

Magic Mike XXL animated gif

Male strippers at their finest.

Magic Mike XXL animated gif

Something tells me this movie is going to be great!

Magic Mike XXL animated gif

Watch the Official Magic Mike XXL Trailer

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Bonus: People magazine has additional exclusive photos!


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