Juan Pablo Galavis: El Próximo Bachelor?

Juan Pablo Galavis shirtless

But for why did Venezuelan former pro soccer player Juan Pablo Galavis get such little screen time on this season of “The Bachelorette”? Do only dudes edit this show? Was it his English (which was fine)? Was it his accent (which was adorable and fine)? Was it the fact that his hotness was hotter than a thousand suns and he makes every man who stands near him look as lame as they probably are? Probably.

Whatever the reason, ABC clearly squandered this precious resource, and (SPOILER ALERT!) Desiree Hartsock unceremoniously gave him the boot last night. She probably forgot he was there.

If he had made the final four he might have had a chance to be named the next Bachelor, as we heard repeatedly last night. But ABC can right this wrong — and gain a record number of female applicants for the show’s next season: Juan Pablo for the Bachelor!!!

Juan Pablo Galavis shirtless Juan Pablo Galavis shirtless

Photos via Juan Pablo Galavis on Twitter!

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