Joe Manganiello’s Ripped Torso Covers Muscle & Fitness

Joe Manganiello Muscle & Fitness

Joe Manganiello and his broad shoulders, amazing pecs and ridiculously ripped six-pack cover the January issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine. It’s a perfect, muscly fit for the mag and the “True Blood” stud, whose workout book “Evolution” hit stores recently. Inside the issue’s pages, Joe gives readers a look at how he achieved and maintains his god-like physique. Get a sneak peek at Homorazzi — and watch the behind-the-scenes video of his photo shoot below. As nice as he is to look at in photos, he’s even more impressive when he’s in motion!

Joe Manganiello Muscle & Fitness

Watch: Behind the Scenes of Joe Manganiello’s M&F Cover Shoot


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