Jason Momoa’s Climbing Videos Rock Our World

Jason Momoa shirtless climbing

Jason Momoa is one of our favorite stars to follow on Instagram, because he’s so open and funny and generous with great stuff like this. Momoa, who first grabbed our attention in ‘Game of Thrones,’ posted a series of videos showing him rock climbing at Southern California’s LA Boulders. The fact that most of them are shirtless and feature a lot of Khal Drogo-like grunting make them that much more required viewing. Speaking of required viewing, don’t miss Jason’s most recent project, ‘Road to Paloma.’ He wrote it, directed it, stars in it and produced it, so if you love Momoa like we love Momoa, you’ll love ‘Paloma’ too!

Watch Jason Momoa’s shirtless rock climbing videos below!

Warning: Jason does a LOT of grunting in the following videos:

Jason then helpfully takes his shirt off, posting this video with the hilariously weird caption “ever seen a monkey f–k a football?”

Yes, Jason has a weird spot on his pants in a rather delicate place. Are YOU going to be the one to make fun of him?

“Tah daaa. Time for beer” he wrote alongside this final clip:

No idea if this photo is of that well-earned brew, but we sure like looking at it either way! Those lllllliiiiiipppssss!

LA Boulders itself got in on the act with its own photo collage of Jason “monkeying around”:

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