Hey, Ho, Time To Take It Off, Tim Tebow!

Tim TebowDenver Broncos first-round pick, Heisman Trophy winner and dreamy blue-eyed studmuffin Tim Tebow has signed on as a spokesman for Jockey underwear, it was announced earlier today. This first photo (right) announcing the deal doesn’t give us a lot of hope for what’s to come from the hunky rookie quarterback — I mean, like, a shirt, really? We’re crossing our fingers he won’t continue to take the lame Michael Jordan route and just sit there holding the dang undies (W.T.F., MJ?), but will instead follow the lead of the athletes who had the b*lls to blaze hot trails before him, from a hairy Jim Palmer in the swinging ’70s to a hairless Cristiano Ronaldo pretty much yesterday. For you sports fans, a gallery of the jocks who have posed in their Jockeys (and Calvins, etc.):

[nggallery id=51]

OK, this isn’t underwear per se — but beat this quarterback’s sexy ad, Tebow:

Cristiano Ronaldo Shoots, He Scores! (At Least for Armani)
Tim Tebow Will Be Face of Jockey Underwear

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Hey, Ho, Time To Take It Off, Tim Tebow! was last modified: July 29th, 2010 by karen
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