Harrison Ford’s Han Solo Hotness

Harrison Ford as Han Solo

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… a little girl sat in a movie theater, totally transfixed by the cinematic wonder that was “Star Wars,” its eye-popping sci-fi spectacle and its oh-so-handsome hero: Luke Skywalker.

And then that little girl grew up, became less fearful of chest hair, kissed off Mark Hamill and set her sights on the studly Han Solo. Grouchy, mouthy and hot as hell, the original Captain Tightpants was played with panache by the previously little-known Harrison Ford. Dayum, he even looked doable as a stormtrooper.

Now it’s being reported that Ford is open to the idea of reprising his role as Han Solo in a new “Star Wars” movie. I’m not particularly keen on another lame sequel/prequel knock to my childhood memories, but I do owe Harrison Ford one (because puberty). So if he wants to relive his former glory and make some more cash for earrings, ya know what? May the Force be with him.

Some “Star Wars” Han Solo memories…

‘Star Wars’ sequel: Harrison Ford open to idea of Han Solo role — EXCLUSIVE (EW.com)

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