Cristiano Ronaldo Named the Fittest Man Alive

Cristiano Ronaldo Men's Health cover

Men’s Health

Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has a new title to enjoy alongside his recent FIFA Ballon d’Or: Fittest Man Alive! Men’s Health makes the claim on the cover of its September 2014 issue, and the accompanying photos provide evidence that the magazine’s bold assertion just might be completely correct. The Real Madrid stud appears shirtless in low-slung jeans that show a peek of his own CR7 underwear. As is Cristiano’s style — last seen on his totally naked Vogue cover — there isn’t a hair on his head out of place. Sadly, there also isn’t a single hair to found on his entire body.

The astonishingly apparent V-shape to his upper body that isn’t Photoshopped in the least, as proven by the behind-the-scenes video of his Men’s Health photo shoot below. And for those wondering how he gets that amazing body, you can get a sneak peak at the “Fittest Man Alive” cover story here.

Cristiano Ronaldo fitness

Men’s Health

Watch Cristiano Ronaldo’s Men’s Health Cover Shoot

In related news, Cristiano is teasing next week’s release of new CR7 underwear campaign with this sexy pic he posted on Facebook:

Cristiano Ronaldo underwear pic

Facebook / Cristiano Ronaldo


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