Colin Firth Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Colin Firth ugly Christmas sweater

Colin Firth‘s name has bandied about relentlessly this holiday season, assigned the credit and/or blame for the current ugly Christmas sweater rage. Firth is innocent, of course, having been forced into a now-famous abominable reindeer jumper for his role as Mark Darcy in ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary.’ Where Firth is guilty is in how adorable he looked in the dang thing, making the rest of us think that the sweaters themselves were less horrible.

But if buying, creating, donning or merely seeing an ugly Christmas sweater makes us think of Colin Firth, then by all means, God bless us, everyone! Click the jump(er?) to join in our Colin Firth Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!

So far, so good … Looks like Mum’s got it right this time




Better looks at the man and the madness



The ugly Christmas sweater updated for the ‘Bridget’ sequel!



Watch the scene that started it all:

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