Charlie Hunnam’s Rubdown Gets Us Over the Hump

Charlie Hunnam rubdown

‘Sons of Anarchy’ star Charlie Hunnam missed the show’s final Comic-Con panel over the weekend, but he certainly made an impact there nonetheless. In a video specially produced for the event, Hunnam appears naked, covered only by a towel, getting pampered by a trio of other badass cast members. The clip is glorious, and his oil rubdown is already the stuff of legend (at least in our perverted minds). Watch it in full (and bonus best GIFs!) below:

Watch Charlie Hunnam’s Massage Message

Charlie Hunnam rubdown gif

Charlie Hunnam rubdown gif

P.S. Apparently, Hunnam was really taking part in a photo shoot for Vogue when he missed Comic-Con. Let’s hope that the pics taken then can come close to rivaling these hot shots.

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