This Look Does Not Channing All Over My Tatum

Channing Tatum Jupiter Ascending

How can you be so smart as to make Channing Tatum shirtless for part of your film but so stupid as to ugly him up in really ridiculous blond hair, goatee and eyebrows? (Not gonna lie, though, we kinda dig the guyliner.)

“Jupiter Ascending” — or as our friends at Squarehippies hilariously called it, “Magic Mike in Space!” — is the latest sci-fi offering from the Wachowski siblings (makers of the “Matrix” trilogy). The trailer for the flick, co-starring Mila Kunis and Sean Bean (RIP — just a guess!), has just been released, showing Channing for once not making us Channing all over our Tatums in his sci-fi get-up. Even though we like the lack of shirts in outer space, the future, or alternate reality, whatever!

Watch the ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Trailer

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