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Alexander Skarsgard Full Frontal in ‘True Blood’

Alexander Skarsgard full frontal

Here’s one way to pique interest in your aging cable TV series: Show a headlining hunk showing his junk!

Alexander Skarsgard surprised and delighted viewers by going full frontal in an eyes-a-poppin’ scene on last night’s season finale of “True Blood.”

ASkars’ vampire Eric is seen hanging on a mountainside in Sweden sunning himself (yes, this can happen in the “True Blood” universe) when something causes him to get up from his lounge chair. Then it’s WHOA, GAME ON. We won’t tell you what goes down in case you’ve got the episode in your DVR queue, but if you want to see ASkars uncut, you’re gonna have to deal with the spoilers. Click here for the sexy and spoilery stills. Otherwise, just enjoy the safe (in all ways) screencaps below:

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