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Three Cheers for Tom Daley!

Tom Daley

Instagram/Tom Daley

Tom Daley, so wonderful at posting photos of himself with barely any clothes on, has found another way to make our day: The British Olympic diver came out via a YouTube video earlier today. He says he is bisexual but that he is currently dating a guy (watch the video below). Just 19 years old, Tom has had to deal with a lot of innuendo and BS in his accomplished young life, and we couldn’t be happier for him to have this weight lifted off of his (almost always bare) shoulders. Congrats, Tom!

Watch Tom Daley’s Video Announcement

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Photo via Tom Daley on Instagram

Tom Daley’s Hot Summer

Tom Daley shirtless Speedo

Tom Daley/Instagram

When a guy spends practically his entire life clad only in a Speedo, the pics he uploads to social media are bound to be entertaining. So it’s no surprise British Olympic diver Tom Daley rarely disappoints with the photos he uploads unfailingly every single day with the hashtag “DaleyDiary.” We’ve uncovered the best pics Tom has posted on his Instagram of his sexy summer (so far): soaking up the sun, training, chilling poolside and grilling shirtless (as perilous as it is hot). Check ‘em out:

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Tom Daley’s Shirtless Twitter Pics

Tom Daley Twitter 1

We love looking at Tom Daley’s beautiful smile as much as we adore drooling over his perfect body — and with his generous #TomDaleyPhotoADay initiative, it is a great joy to follow the British diver on Twitter. If you aren’t following him yet, we suggest you do so immediately … cause, gurl, you’ve been missing out! Tom Daley’s Shirtless Twitter Pictures


Tom Daley’s Heat Hotness
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