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Tim Tebow Is on the Loose!

Tim Tebow running shirtless in the rain

The New York Jets screw Tim Tebow again! The Jets announced this morning that they have released Tebow to the winds, after one season in which he “played only 77 offensive snaps, rushed 32 times for 102 yards and completed 6 of 8 passes,” according to stats compiled by the New York Times.

Gang Green never gave the poor bastard a start at quarterback, even after benching poor Mark Sanchez late in the season, disappointing hordes of fans who dutifully purchased Tebow shirts and snapped up pricey tickets after his breathless arrival in New Jersey.

Remember when America had a good time watching Tebow play for Denver and wondering what exciting, improbable thing would happen next? Those days are long over. THE NEW YORK JETS KILLED TIM TEBOW FOR AMERICA. All of our fun, gone, baby, gone!

The Jets have seriously butt-fumbled this entire QB personnel episode, and now they’re back to screwing with Sanchez’s head by drafting QB Geno Smith.

Damn, this is depressing. You know what I think will help us feel better? How ’bout some shirtless Tebow running in the rain in slow motion? Yep! You got it:

Tim Tebow on Facebook
Noisy Courtship, Quiet Breakup: Jets Dump Tebow (

And Here’s Tim Tebow Being Awesome

Tim Tebow being awesome

Tim Tebow being awesome

Tim Tebow makes a sick 11-year-old boy’s dream come true and makes us fall in love with him … more pics at the Tim Tebow Foundation’s Facebook page.

P.S. If you require more evidence that Tim’s a cool guy — and you really, really like to cry — check out some of these photos.

Tebow Time:

Tim Tebow Shirtless in GQ
Who’s Sexier: Tebow or Sanchez?
Tim Tebow’s Adorable Childhood Photos

Tim Tebow Shirtless in GQ: Hallelujah!?!

Tim Tebow for GQ

Here’s Tim Tebow shirtless and posing controversially in the sexiest pic accompanying the new GQ cover story* Have You Accepted Tim Tebow as Your QB and Sunday Savior? The only bummer? The photo appears to be YEARS OLD. Whatever. The new backup quarterback for the New York Jets is so notoriously, frustratingly modest, we’ll take it anyway!

For Tim’s 25th birthday today, we’re giving you not only the GQ photos (below), but a slo-mo video of him running shirtless in the rain. Enjoy!

*Note: Tebow appears on one of two NFL-themed covers for the month of September, the other of which features Carolina QB Cam Newton … he’s so gorge he’ll get a post of his own!


Tim Tebow Shirtless Time!
Who’s Sexier: Tebow or Sanchez?
Tim Tebow’s Baby Photos Are Adorable

Tim Tebow’s Most Adorable Childhood Photos

Tim Tebow baby photo

Young Tim Tebow in a Superman costume? I … can’t … even.

(And here’s the new Jets quarterback is all growed up!)

Images via Tim Tebow’s Facebook page!

More Juicy Fodder for That Tebow-Sanchez Slash Fiction

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow and his pretty blue eyes met the New York media for today in celebration of the saintly stud’s becoming a New York Jet.

Much has been written about the relationship the ostensible backup quarterback has with the Jets’ starting GQ QB, Mark Sanchez, but now we have some info straight from Tebow’s mouth!

He spoke about texts and phone conversations between the two quarterbacks with the assembled press corps, but he delved a little deeper into their relationship in a one-on-one interview with SNY’s Jeane Coakley. Watch it here:

The interview held some juicy nuggets (bolded for your pleasure) that will provide the starting point for Tebow-Sanchez Slash Fic for months to come:

“We’re just going to have a great time together, we’re going to work hard … We’ve had a great relationship since I visited USC and he was one of my hosts. And that was before anybody knew who Mark Sanchez or Tim Tebow were. And we had a great relationship then, and we’ll have a great relationship now. And it’s gonna be fun. And we’re going to have a great time together. We’ll spend so much time in the quarterback room, the meeting rooms and it’ll be fun.”

Bring it on, writers, bring it on!

Here’s the Big Winner of the NFL Trade Insanity

Eric Decker

Who’s the big winner in all the recent NFL trade insanity — Peyton Manning to Broncos, Tim Tebow to Mark Sanchez’s Jets. Manning? No. Tebow? No. Sanchez? Certainly not.

So who’s the big winner? WE’RE THE BIG WINNER, PEOPLE! Yes, we get to watch Sanchez and Tebow fight it out for quarterback playing time, ideally naked and oiled up (all hail the start of the Tebow-Sanchez slash-fiction golden age!). Failing that best-case scenario, we are no doubt in for a cute photo shoot of the two of them together. Clothed. Probably in full uniform and pads. Whatever. We’ll take it!

But the other big pay-off for us? More Eric Decker. MUCH MORE Eric Decker. (Some of you watch football and know what I’m talking about. You can skip the next paragraph.)

Eric Decker and Tim Tebow were on the same team (Broncos). Eric catches balls. Tim doesn’t throw them. Eric got so little action that, during one game, his girlfriend was forced to tweet something along the lines of “Throw the damn ball!” (Sing it, sister!) Now the trades went down. Tim’s gone from Eric’s team; Peyton’s on it. Peyton is AWESOME at throwing balls. You following?

More playing time for Eric Decker means more camera time for Eric Decker. More opportunity for him to excel means an increased chance of more magazine spreads like this one from the November 2010 issue of GQ: