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Taylor Kinney + Jesse Spencer’s Polar Plunge

Taylor Kinney Polar Plunge

Instagram / Lauren German

‘Chicago Fire’ hunks Taylor Kinney and Jesse Spencer were among a record-breaking 3,200 participants in a Polar Plunge in Chicago on Sunday. Other celebrities daring to dip into an ice-cold Lake Michigan included new ‘Tonight Show’ host Jimmy Fallon, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel and cast members of both ‘Chicago Fire’ and ‘Chicago PD.’ The foray into the frigid waters raised an estimated $1 million for the Special Olympics Chicago.

We’re always on the lookout for more shirtless Taylor Kinney photos, so when his ‘Chicago Fire’ co-star Lauren German shared these cold-but-hot images via her Instagram account, we were beyond thrilled. The poor guys look cold as hell, but we don’t think we were first in line to offer to warm them up. The fact that the brave (and maybe slightly nuts) participants raised so much for charity is an amazing bonus. A selfless act like this is a very commendable way to heat up the most miserable of winters. Thank you, Taylor, Jesse and the rest of you! Check out more of Lauren’s great pics of the frosty ‘Fire’ foxes below!

Jesse Spencer’s Shirtless Polar Plunge

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Taylor Kinney’s Shirtless Sexiest Man Alive Photoshoot

Taylor Kinney Shirtless People's Sexiest Man Alive

One brilliant tactic to deflect attention from the fact that your big Sexiest Man Alive secret leaked a week early? Publish a video of Taylor Kinney‘s shirtless photoshoot!

It’s Adam Levine that’s reportedly People’s choice for the title of Sexiest Man Alive 2013, but Kinney is one of the many other hunks being featured in the upcoming issue. A new video posted by the magazine shows the studly “Chicago Fire” star posing without a shirt, shirtless in a leather jacket and, best of all, shirtless wearing leather playing with a puppy! We are total suckers for a sexy man with a puppy. Looks like Christmas has come before Thanksgiving this year!

Check out screenshots from the video, which can be seen below:

Taylor Kinney People's Sexiest Man Alive

Taylor Kinney People's Sexiest Man Alive

Taylor Kinney People's Sexiest Man Alive

Taylor Kinney People's Sexiest Man Alive

Taylor Kinney People's Sexiest Man Alive

Watch Taylor Kinney’s photoshoot for People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue

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Taylor Kinney Shirtless on ‘Chicago Fire’ Collection

‘Chicago Fire’ Delivers Promised Trio of Shirtless Scenes + Here They Are as Gifs

Chicago Fire shirtless

Well played, “Chicago Fire,” well played. We at Swoonworthy truly appreciate shows that show lots of shirtlessness, and we completely ADORE ones that give us a heads-up that it’s about to happen! So thankyouverymuch!

The NBC series tweeted out the good word Monday, giving its followers plenty of time to gird their loins and oil up their DVRs for some topless Taylor Kinney, Jesse Lee Soffer and David Eigenberg:

Promised AND delivered, as we can confirm with the following gifs. We hope these will help you get through the show’s three-week hiatus …

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Taylor Kinney Shirtless on ‘Chicago Fire’ Collection

Taylor Kinney shirt off on Chicago Fire

You guys are watching “Chicago Fire,” right? ‘Cause if you’re not, you’re missing the hunky Taylor Kinney as hunky Chicago firefighter Kelly Severide. We enjoy this series a lot — especially when Taylor takes his shirt off (which is often). Check out pics from Taylor Kinney’s Shirtless Scenes (so far):

Tune in to NBC tonight at 10pm ET for more sexy (and maybe shirtless) Taylor!

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Taylor Kinney Shirtlessness Fires Up ‘Fire’

Taylor Kinney’s ‘Chicago Fire’ Requires Attention

Taylor Kinney in Chicago Fire

Yes, ANOTHER Taylor Kinney post this week! Sorry for the unplanned Taylorpalooza, but we need to make sure that “Chicago Fire” stays on the air so we can have more Taylor shirtlessness every week.

So, please please PLEASE tune in to NBC at 10pm ET tonight and every Wednesday night! Come on now, together we made “Magic Mike” a sensation and we got ourselves a sequel. We can do this, people!

Taylor Kinney in Chicago Fire

Images via Facebook!

Taylor Kinney, You Look Hot in Those Clothes

Taylor Kinney photoshoot

The more Taylor Kinney, the better — so I’ll accept this spread of him wearing too much clothing in the Fall Sports Issue of Men’s Book magazine. But I’d be much happier if the “Chicago Fire” stud did more of this.

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