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Sean Lowe’s Thighs Say Hi

Sean Lowe's legs

Pity poor Sean Lowe as he prepares for the inevitable bashing on Monday’s “Women Tell All” episode of “The Bachelor“… chances are good that AshLee will have found some words to say to him by now. Good luck with that, man!

Here’s hoping Sean can console himself with the fact that he’s done an amazing job developing his thighs — something so many other guys with well-developed chests have overlooked… Sean Lowe: Thursday Thighmaster!

Sean Lowe's thighs

Sean Lowe Shirtless Gifs

Sean Lowe shirtless gif

Part one of this week’s two-part “Bachelor” extravaganza didn’t go so well for Bachelor Sean Lowe last night — and it didn’t go too well for us man-candy fans, either: Sean didn’t take off a stitch of clothing. Tonight’s “The Bachelor Tells All” episode doesn’t look too skin-filled either, so we thought we’d keep your spirits up with the ab-solutely hunky animated gifs of Sean Lowe shirtless!

Click the images to roll the gifs:





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Bachelor Sean Lowe’s Harlequin Shoot

Sean Lowe Harlequin cover

Somehow we are two episodes in to this season’s “The Bachelor,” and ABC hasn’t turned Sean Lowe into a man whore yet! Remember this day. But things did get pretty touchy-feely — with mostly him being touched and felt — during the group Harlequin photo shoot date. The big winner is above; click to enlarge our personal fave (below). Two more Harlequin pics can be viewed at!

Sean Lowe's Harlequin shoot

Bachelor Sean Lowe: 8 Great Twitpics

Sean Lowe shirtless Twitpic

I’m starting to worry a little less that the reality-skewing “Bachelor” machine will take my dear, sweet Sean Lowe and eat him alive — mostly thanks to his tweets, which are full of fun and charm. And we never tire of looking at Sean (as much of him as possible), so we love his twitpics the best, along with his shirtless Instagram ones! Here are 8 great examples:

“The Bachelor” season premiere airs tonight at 8 on ABC!

Sean Lowe on the Web:

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Sean Lowe Is the New Bachelor, Obviously

Sean Lowe shirtless

Sean Lowe Bachelor

In the worst-kept secret since Ashton & Mila — plus, we called it waaaay back — Sean Lowe has been named the next Bachelor!

We love, love, LOVE Sean, who seemed like a genuinely nice and unassuming (although hunky) guy on Emily’s season of “The Bachelorette.” She was a fool to break his heart.

But now we’re afraid that ABC is going to break our hearts with this casting news: Please, please don’t ruin sweet Sean and turn him into a man whore, ABC!

The Lowe down:

Sean Lowe Shirtless
Sean Lowe’s Shirtless Push-ups
Sean Lowe Is the New Bachelor (People)