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Ryan Lochte Speedo Shots

Ryan Lochte Speedo

Instagram / Ryan Lochte

USA swimmer Ryan Lochte reminds us why we prefer the Summer Olympics to the Winter Olympics. (Here’s a hint, in case you can’t figure it out.) The 11-time Olympic medalist and former reality star shared a couple of sexy shots of his recent photoshoot for Speedo on Instagram, and we’re all like “Jeah!”

We’re also happy that his manager and the Speedo company itself have been in a sharing mood, posting pics of Ryan and fellow Olympians Nathan Adrian, Cullen Jones, Eddie Moses and more:

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Ryan Lochte Strips on ‘Live With Kelly and Michael’

The powers that be at “Live With Kelly and Michael“* totally get it: The home viewers want to see Ryan Lochte with his clothes off, and Gelman and company are going to do their best to make it happen.

This morning’s “Challenge With the Champions” segment featured the Olympian answering trivia questions in a strip battle of wits with co-hosts Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa. Ryan’s trivia questions were quite hard (especially, considering, you know … don’t make me say it), Michael’s questions were of normal difficulty and Kelly’s were absurd (ex., spell “POOL”).

Jokes on us when Ryan gets the first one right, but eventually, nature takes it course — along with some dubious scorekeeping — and we get what we tuned in for … with bonus shirtless Strahan! Everyone wins!

Watch the segment here:

* We couldn’t be any happier to welcome Michael Strahan to the co-host chair … well, we’d be happier if our stupid DVR had picked up on the new show title!

Ryan Lochte: Board Shorts or Speedos?

I know, weird question for Swoonworthy, right? But me, I’m as American as board shorts, and Speedos — delightfully revealing as they may be — come off a tad European. Olympian Ryan Lochte rocked both types of swimwear in Las Vegas over the weekend and looked spectacular in both. What’s your preference?

Do you like Ryan better in board shorts or Speedos?

Ryan Lochte’s a GQ Mofo From Way Back

Ryan Lochte GQ January 2009

LOVE the curly look that Ryan Lochte’s rocking in these photos from the January 2009 issue of GQ magazine. Click to enlarge the pics: