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Paul Walker’s Smile Forever

Paul Walker smile

We know we’re not alone in having trouble coming to terms with the tragic death of Paul Walker. The actor, who died in a car crash over the weekend, was too young at 40 years old, too normal of a guy, too kind of a soul and too loved by all to leave us so soon. As fans, we will miss seeing his beautiful face, especially that amazing smile of his that lit up every single screen on which it was seen. We’re sad as can be, but it does our hearts good to see animated gifs of that smile — we thought it might do you some good, too. Rest in peace, Paul, you will be missed but you will never be forgotten.

Paul Walker smile gif

Paul Walker smile gif

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Help Make Andy Whitfield Documentary a Reality

Andy Whitfield

For as little as $5, you can help filmmakers realize the dream of completing and distributing the inspiring Andy Whitfield documentary, “Be Here Now.”
The beautiful “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” star, who died last September of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma at the age of 39, allowed cameras to document him and his family throughout their struggle with the disease. According to the filmmakers, “It was Andy’s hope that by opening his story up to a documentary, he might help or inspire others facing similar challenges, while pushing to accelerate the pace of cancer research around the world.”

A Kickstarter campaign to finance “Be Here Now” is reaching its end on Monday. While the initial goal of $200,000 to finish and edit the film has been exceeded (yay, Internet!), funds are still being requested to distribute it and release it in as many languages as possible:

“Do keep spreading this link ( with others, leading up to 4pm Monday, July 23 when the campaign is over. As you know, the more we raise the more ability we will have to finish and distribute the documentary as widely as possible, internationally, and fulfill Andy’s wishes to help and inspire others by sharing his story.”– Filmmaker Lilibet Foster

I bawled my eyes out watching this “Be Here Now” preview, and then I donated. I hope you’ll be moved in a similar way:

Kickstarter: “Be Here Now” – The Andy Whitfield Story

Richard Dawson ‘Match Game’ Memories

Richard Dawson on "Match Game"

Richard Dawson died over the weekend, taking with him a piece of my childhood and a hunk of my heart. Most of the tributes to the actor and game-show host, who died Saturday at age 79, focused on his work in “Family Feud” and “Hogan’s Heroes” (watch clips here), but even though I first came to love Dawson through his dashing Corporal Newkirk on “Heroes,” it was his multitude of appearances on the always hilarious “Match Game” that truly captured my attention.

The England-born Dawson was a smart, smooth, tan, lovable, moody rogue who looked as good on the show as he played the game. His well-considered answers were usually spot on, and EVERYONE chose Richard to be their celebrity partner in the final “Head-to-Head Match” round of the game. (So much so that producers introduced the dreaded “Star Wheel” to mix things up.)

And, after he’d give the player a good scare by pretending to not have answered the correct answer, he’d turn his card over, and TADA! The player would be a thousand bucks — or $2,500 or $5,000 — richer! The player would run over to the panel for an enthusiastic handshake (dudes) or a quick peck (lucky gals!) with Dawson. This happened nearly every episode he was on! It was magic.

Check out some clips of Richard’s “Match Game” magic at work — with bonus Brett Somers and Charles Nelson Reilly!

Davy Jones: 5 Swoonworthy Videos

Davy Jones

I’m tearing up just watching these, especially my (and seemingly the world’s) personal fave, the breathy and breathtakingly adorable “Girl” from THE BEST EPISODE EVER of “The Brady Bunch.” RIP, Davy Jones! We’ll see you on the flip side.

5 Swoonworthy Davy Jones Videos below:

“Girl” from “The Brady Bunch”


The Monkees: “Valleri”

The Monkees: “Daydream Believer”

The Monkees: “Cuddly Toy”

Tiger Beat Was My First

Tiger Beat

Charles Laufer, the founder of Tiger Beat magazine, passed away April 5 at the age of 87. Tiger Beat was the very first magazine I ever bought — or, rather, begged my mom to buy for me. It was my first, indelible taste of male eye candy. Soon the pages of the magazine practically became my room’s wallpaper. And eventually, tracking hot celebrity men became a life’s passionate pursuit.

Needless to say, a great debt is owed. Rest in peace, Mr. Laufer. Thank you.