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Patrick Swayze Shirtless in ‘Roadhouse’

Patrick Swayze shirtless Roadhouse

For Throwback Thursday we’re remembering the cult classic ‘Roadhouse,’ which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this week. A lot of people love the film for its kickass fight scenes and general cheesiness. We love it for its plethora of Patrick Swayze shirtless scenes. We had the good fortune and great taste to catch it on the big screen back in 1989 and for us, it was a form of soft-core pornography. Swayze’s hot body larger than life in full technicolor — you can’t beat it!

Mark the ‘Roadhouse’ anniversary along with us by reveling in these sexy photos and animated gifs of Swayze in all his shirtless glory:


‘Dirty Dancing’ Animated Gifs
We Miss You, Patrick Swayze

David Cassidy Young and Dreamy

David Cassidy is back making headlines — but not good ones. The musician-actor, now 63 years old, was charged with DWI in upstate New York early yesterday morning, the second such charge for the ’70s teen idol in three years.

The once-gorgeous David looks like an un-hot mess in his latest mug shot, even though arresting officer Tom Jones (not that one) reports that Cassidy was “a gentlemen” during the incident. Another dismaying part of all this? The officer didn’t even know who Cassidy was!

This is for you, Tom Jones: David Cassidy rose to massive worldwide fame as the dreamy Keith Partridge in the ’70s musical TV series “Partridge Family.” His face was so ubiquitous at one point that he walked away from it all, concentrating on music. He’s been performing live pretty much ever since.

And this part is for you, Swoonworthy fans: Cassidy was a sexual trailblazer as a teen idol, often posing shirtless, wearing obscenely tight pants and taking part in skin-baring photoshoots (which yielded that controversial naked cover of Rolling Stone). But he was a classic teen idol’s teen idol in many pictures, too — look, he’s on a horse!

It’s Throwback Thursday, so that’s our excuse to post pictures of David back in his teen dream heyday:

Meanwhile, in timing that’s either great or the WORST POSSIBLE, David will be featured on the next episode of “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” premiering Sunday at 10pm ET on OWN. Catch a preview of the episode — which also features Peter Brady (swoon!) — here.

Bonus video: Watch David singing the iconic “I Think I Love You” on “The Partridge Family”:

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‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ Movie Celebration


Oh-so-loosely based on and using songs from the classic Beatles album, 1978’s “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” movie was reviled by cinephiles, Fab Four fans and just about everyone who likes movies and music in general. Rotten Tomatoes rates it at an abysmal 15 percent, but me? I loved it. How I loved it! I saw it in the theater. Twice. If I were older and could haven driven myself to the cinema, or lived close enough to walk there, I alone would have made the box-office bomb profitable.

Peter Frampton and the Bee Gees in "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"

Yes, Maurice, this movie IS awesome!

The movie, which “celebrated” its 35th anniversary on July 21, starred Peter Frampton and the Bee Gees at the height of their popularity. Its plot is dementedly corny and its cover versions of the Beatles tunes are suspect at best, but the big screen was oh-so-kind to the beatifically lion-maned Barry Gibb — he of the highest, breathiest roar you’ve ever heard, rawr — and the lusciously goldilocked Peter Frampton, who owned my loins for several years (and could still have them upon request, even though he’s totes bald now). The movie also made bowler-hatted cutie-patootie Paul Nicholas a household name … in my house. (OMG, but “Heaven on the 7th Floor,” you guys!)

Peter Frampton in "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"

Get your hands of my man, woman!

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‘Dirty Dancing’ Animated Gifs for the Time of Your Life

For this Throwback Thursday, we’ve scoured the Internet and amassed the greatest gifs of Patrick Swayze shaking his stuff in 1987’s “Dirty Dancing.” Grossinger’s Catskills Resort may be gone, but Johnny Castle forever! 21 Great ‘Dirty Dancing’ Animated Gifs:

SUPER BONUS: While stumbling around Tumblr looking for gifs, I found this amazing and amazingly HOT video of a deleted scene between Baby and Johnny. Warning (or is it an alert?): dry humping galore!

Charlie Hunnam for Throwback Thursday

Charlie Hunnam Then and Now

When you start acting professionally at the age of 16, there are bound to be loads of cringeworthy photos of you plastered all over the Interwebs. He may have worn a suspect jaunty hat or two in his early photo sessions, but Charlie Hunnam somehow avoided starring in the most embarrassing photoshoot ever (maybe unlike Jared Leto, Charlie refused to pick up that damned flower).

Enjoy the “Sons of Anarchy” stud in all his #ThrowbackThursday glory in the gallery below — then feast your eyes on him all grown up: 17 Sexy Shots of Charlie Hunnam!

The Top 10 Sexiest INXS Videos of All Time

Aussie rock superstars INXS have officially called it a day, some 15 years after the untimely death of their sexy and charismatic frontman, Michael Hutchence. In honor of the band, who we had the pleasure of seeing in concert a few times back in the day, we offer you the Top 10 Sexiest INXS Videos of All Time!

P.S. Hutchence fans, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen “Taste It”…

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Harrison Ford’s Han Solo Hotness

Harrison Ford as Han Solo

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… a little girl sat in a movie theater, totally transfixed by the cinematic wonder that was “Star Wars,” its eye-popping sci-fi spectacle and its oh-so-handsome hero: Luke Skywalker.

And then that little girl grew up, became less fearful of chest hair, kissed off Mark Hamill and set her sights on the studly Han Solo. Grouchy, mouthy and hot as hell, the original Captain Tightpants was played with panache by the previously little-known Harrison Ford. Dayum, he even looked doable as a stormtrooper.

Now it’s being reported that Ford is open to the idea of reprising his role as Han Solo in a new “Star Wars” movie. I’m not particularly keen on another lame sequel/prequel knock to my childhood memories, but I do owe Harrison Ford one (because puberty). So if he wants to relive his former glory and make some more cash for earrings, ya know what? May the Force be with him.

Some “Star Wars” Han Solo memories…

‘Star Wars’ sequel: Harrison Ford open to idea of Han Solo role — EXCLUSIVE (