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The Men of ‘The Bachelorette’ Stripping


The latest episode of the Andi Dorfman season of ‘The Bachelorette’ grabbed our attention with a group date having the contestants dance in a male revue. Enjoy some screen shots — and gifs — of a few of the sexiest strippers. Confession: We went heavy on the marvelous Marcus, but we cannot get enough of his perfect chest hair.


‘The Bachelorette’ Mr. America Contest

Juan Pablo Galavis Shirtless With Puppies!

Juan Pablo Galavis shirtless puppies


Juan Pablo Galavis shirtless puppies


You know how we feel about hotties with puppies, right? And you definitely know how we feel about Juan Pablo Galavis. Well, last night’s episode of ABC’s ‘The Bachelor‘ showed Juan Pablo WITH puppies! And, yes, it was awesome.

JP and the zillion women of his first ‘Bachelor’ group date took part in a fun and sexy photo shoot for Models n Mutts. He took his shirt off — and a whole lot more — to pose with the ladies and a bunch of adorable, adoptable pups. It was exactly the kind of entertainment one requires to survive a case of the Mondays, and it was for a good cause too!

Heads up: The organization, which raises money and awareness on behalf of animal charity/rescue groups, is holding a ‘Bachelor’-themed charity event this Friday (Jan. 17) in Hollywood, Calif., called Models n Mutts Meets The Bachelor. Go, do some good and let us know how it was!

In other Juan Pablo news, he appeared on last night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in a man-on-the-street segment called “I Witness News: Bachelor Edition.” People on Hollywood Boulevard tell Juan Pablo what they really think of “The Bachelor” — without knowing it’s him. It’s pretty hilarious and he shows he has not only a pretty good sense of humor but an ever-growing command of the English language that is commendable. Watch the video below (don’t listen to that last guy, JP)!

Watch Juan Pablo on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’


Sexy Pictures of Juan Pablo

‘The Bachelor': JUANuary Is Finally Here!

Juan Pablo Galavis Happy New Year


JUANuary has finally arrived! Filled with snow, ice and freezing temperatures, January is normally our least favorite month, but JUANuary? That’s a whole ‘nother thing!

It was back in steamy July when we first begged producers to consider rejected “Bachelorette” contestant Juan Pablo Galavis as the next Bachelor. Our hopes for the unlikely scenario were raised mightily a couple of weeks later, and our wildest dreams came true in August: Juan Pablo was named the new Bachelor!

Season 18 of “The Bachelor” kicks off this weekend with a two-night premiere event — as ABC puts it, it’s “Not Juan But Two Nights.” (The network is clearly having a lot of fun with their new leading man, as are we — and the show hasn’t even aired yet!) On Sunday, Jan. 5, it’s the “Countdown to Juan Pablo,” then he meets his 27 ladies on Monday, Jan. 6. The fun begins both nights at 8pm ET.

Watch ABC’s ‘Bachelor’ Promo: ‘2 Words: Juan Pablo’

Eric Decker Off the Field, in Your Living Room — OMG!

Eric Decker and Jessie James


Game on, people! Gone are the days of squinting to catch a glimpse of Eric Decker on our televisions. The superfine Denver Broncos wide receiver is no longer just one of dozens of similarly overdressed figures on a football field. Well, yes, he is still that, of course. But he’s also something else, something way better for our ogling purposes: As of this weekend, our No. 1 Hottest Football Player of 2013 is also a reality-TV star!

Decker stars with his then-fiancee, country singer Jessie James, in the E! reality series “Eric & Jessie: Game On,” premiering Sunday at 10pm ET. The series follows the social-media savvy and preternaturally photogenic couple through a series of hijinks and adventures as they prepare for their wedding. Spoiler alert: The lovebirds did in fact get hitched over the summer, and are now expecting their first child! Congrats, you crazy kids!

The stars have been a lot of fun to follow on social media, sharing their lives and loves wholeheartedly, and we have to believe they’ll be just as open and engaging on camera. Plus, the show is an amazing opportunity for fans to see Eric off the field, without his helmet and pads — and, let’s hope, without his shirt!

Check out promo videos for ‘Eric & Jessie: Game On':

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Juan Pablo Galavis Flexes His Bachelor Butt Cheeks

Juan Pablo Galavis workout

Newly crowned Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis hasn’t even started filming his season of “The Bachelor” yet, and he’s already entertaining as hell! Following the former soccer player and devoted single dad on Twitter and Instagram is infinitely more satisfying than watching many TV shows — the man simply BRINGS IT on social media!

In among all the sexy photos of himself shirtless (our favorite) and sweet pics of his adorable young daughter (second favorite. tbh), he regularly posts complaints about his workouts. While the best ones are the ones with images — and video, which we will get to in a moment — this sort of thing captures our attention and gets our imaginations running amok:


But today’s Instagram video is so far our absolute favorite of the lot, complete with the endearing caption, “My BUTTCHEEKS f—ing HURT”:

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Juan Pablo Is the New Bachelor and the Line To Apply Starts Behind Us, Ladies

Juan Pablo Galvis

Juan Pablo Galavis/Twitter

Juan Pablo is the new Bachelor! Juan Pablo is the new Bachelor!

We had to wade through soooo many tears on the “Bachelorette” season finale to get to what we really tuned in for: In a move that surprised none but delighted nearly everyone, Juan Pablo Galavis was named the next Bachelor! Against all odds, the No. 6 “Bachelorette” reject claimed his rightful place on our TV sets and in our hearts (and, we can only hope, in our pants).

The next season of “The Bachelor” doesn’t air until January, but the line to apply starts behind us. Would it be weird if we all wear wedding dresses when we step out of the limo?

More Juan Pablo eye candy to keep us warm ’til next year:


Juan Pablo for the New Bachelor!
Juan Pablo Galavis: El Próximo Bachelor?

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Juan Pablo for the New Bachelor!

Juan Pablo imagined as the Bachelor (bad Photoshop is a Swoonworthy specialty)

Is Juan Pablo Galavis our next Bachelor? Many “Bachelorette” fans certainly think so, as the previously little-seen Latin lover got shocking star treatment on last night’s “Men Tell All” episode. The Venezuelan former pro soccer player was rejected by Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock weeks ago, after enjoying such little screen time that we used to spend all of our time screaming at the TV to show the man more, forcryingoutloud!

Despite the few televised moments afforded him, Juan Pablo became a fan favorite through sheer force of his good looks and charming personality. So much so that, in introducing him last night, host Chris Harrison was forced to acknowledge ABC’s failings:

“In the history of this show, no guy has made a greater impact with less screen time than our soccer-playing single dad. He’s the fan favorite we barely got to know.”

And with that, the show began shamelessly pimping out the resource it had squandered lo these many weeks. In a change as bewildering as it was delightful, JP (my pet name for him) got more screen time on the “Men Tell All” than he did all season put together. He was seated prominently front and center, and Harrison seemingly couldn’t ask him enough questions. Juan Pablo always dropped panties with those Latin looks of his, and last night he melted hearts talking sweetly about his adorable 4-year-old daughter, Camila. It was a tour de force! It was no surprise to us that his name started trending worldwide on Twitter, although the timing did cause confusion for the uninitiated:

We begged for Juan Pablo to be the next Bachelor weeks ago, but never dared to believe it might actually happen. As fans know — and as we kept hearing from James this season — Bachelor and Bachelorette candidates are normally chosen from the final four. ABC testing audience reaction for the sixth-place Juan Pablo to be the next Bachelor, as the network clearly is doing, is simply beyond our wildest dreams. It’s Christmas in July, folks! Juan Pablo for ALL the roses!

Get to know Juan Pablo with these cute pics of him hanging with Camila, sexy screen shots from his blink-and-you-missed-it “Bachelorette” appearances and a bunch of photos of him just being hot in general:

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