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My Borri’s Back!

Soccer striker Marco Borriello’s long absence from the public eye has had us questioning his title of the World’s Most Handsome Man — and he got cut outright from Kickette’s Finest Five list — but Borri’s back and, boy, does he look good in red and blue! Here he is sexing up the soccer pitch yesterday, playing again with his old club Genoa vs. his other old club Juventus (on loan from yet another former club, Roma .. following this?).

Genoa lost 1-3, but when Borriello’s hair looks this fine, aren’t we all winners?

Marco Borriello’s 30 Sexiest Pictures

Marco Borriello sexy

Join us in wishing the Most Handsome Man in the World the happiest of birthdays today: Marco Borriello is 30!

The Italian soccer star might not be feeling the greatest these days, as he’s reportedly now without both a club and a girlfriend — but we’re confident that will change very, very soon. Especially the second part.

Check out the 30 Hottest Photos of Marco Borriello for his 30th birthday today:

Marco Borriello Status Report

Marco Borriello

Yep, Italian soccer stud Marco Borriello is still the Most Handsome Man in the World. And his hair is filling in nicely too. Time to celebrate!

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