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Cam Newton for Man Candy Monday

Cam Newton GQ

In all the excitement over Tim Tebow’s GQ spread was almost lost the other NFL quarterback cover boy — you’re super hot, Cam Newton, but taking your shirt off would grab our attention that much more! Good start, though, good start …

Via GQ!

Nathan Adrian Shirtless for Man Candy Monday

Nathan Adrian shirtless 1

Y’all know how much I love me some hot Olympians … behold my newest Olympic crush: Men’s 100-Meter Freestyle and Men’s 4×100 Relay gold medalist, Nathan Adrian of Team USA. Join me in stalking –I mean, following– the supremely adorkable swimmer via his Twitter account, won’t you?

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Scott Caan Shirtless for Man Candy Monday

Scott Caan

“Hawaii Five-O” hunk Scott Caan and Mondays — two great tastes that taste great together!

From Western Civ Magazine via squarehippies!

Sean Lowe Shirtless for Man Candy Monday

Sean Lowe shirtless

Have we mentioned how much we love Sean Lowe “The Bachelorette”? Oh, we have? Well, here are a few more pictures explaining why. (We also love his personality, but photos work a lot better in this forum!)

Via Reality Steve and RX Muscle Gallery!