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50 Crazy/Sexy/Cool Johnny Depp Gifs

Johnny Depp animated gif

Happy 50th birthday to Johnny Depp! We’re celebrating the crazy/sexy/cool actor’s big day on June 9 with 50 animated gifs as crazy/sexy/cool as he is. Click to roll the gifs!

Soooo much more Johnny Depp dreaminess to enjoy:

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Gifs via Tumblr and the Internetz!

Johnny Depp Young and Hot

Johnny Depp young and hot

Bless his over-accessorized heart, “Dark Shadows” star Johnny Depp has been fighting the hot for years … NOW WE’RE FIGHTING BACK!

And we’re fighting back with pics of a young Johnny Depp, back before he became a big movie star and even ever heard of Tim Burton — and waaaay before all this crazy are-they or aren’t they Vanessa Paradis business.

25 Photos of a Young and Hot Johnny Depp:

P.S. Possibly my fave young Johnny Depp photo ever! (Not hot, but awesome!)

Depp inside:

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