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Hunky Celebs Take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice Bucket Challenge celebs

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a social-media phenomenon that has raised awareness of the neurodegenerative disease to new heights as well as tens of millions of dollars to help fight it. By now, you’ve probably witnessed scores of your own friends dousing themselves with ice-cold water and seen videos of dozens of celebrities doing the same, all while challenging their other famous friends. We’ve gathered up all the hunky celebrity men we could find taking on the challenge and posted the videos for your enjoyment below. We’re still waiting for Channing Tatum to answer Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson‘s call and Chris Hemsworth [UPDATE: He did it and we have it!] to respond to Robert Downey Jr., and we are wondering when someone will finally get around to challenging Hugh Jackman [UPDATE: Done! See below!], Alex O’Loughlin [UPDATE: Done! Watch it below!], Taylor Kinney, Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Alexander Skarsgard. And you can’t convince us that David Beckham isn’t working on his own video this very second! [UPDATE: Becks did it! Evidence below!]

You can learn more about this awful disease at the ALS Association website before donating whatever amount you can online at the same link.

In the meantime, enjoy videos from hot athletes and actors and more, including ‘Dancing With the Stars’ hottie Derek Hough, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez and ‘Arrow’ hunk Stephen Amell (pictured above, left to right).

Cristiano Ronaldo:

Tyler Hoechlin:

Matt Bomer:

Adam Levine, Blake Shelton & Carson Daly:

LeBron James:

Derek Hough:

Graham Zusi:

Ashton Kutcher, Wilmer Valderrama & Dax Shepard:

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Joe Manganiello Struts His Seriously Hot Stuff for People

Joe Manganiello shirtless


Swoonworthy super fave Joe Manganiello and his ridonkulously ripped abs cover People magazine’s Hollywood’s Hottest Bachelors issue (July 14, 2014). Is this People’s way of test marketing to see if Joe will be a popular choice for Sexiest Man Alive?!? FINALLY?!?! We approve of the choice, obis. And we definitely approve of the following scorching-hot photos of ‘True Blood’ stud — and don’t miss the video, which features plenty of sexy shots, too!

Watch Joe Manganiello Answer Classic ‘Dating Game’ Questions


People’s Sexiest Man Alive Better Be Joe Manganiello
Joe Manganiello Is Not the Sexiest Man Alive — WTF?!

Via A Cause des Garcons

Joe Manganiello’s Ripped Torso Covers Muscle & Fitness

Joe Manganiello Muscle & Fitness

Joe Manganiello and his broad shoulders, amazing pecs and ridiculously ripped six-pack cover the January issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine. It’s a perfect, muscly fit for the mag and the “True Blood” stud, whose workout book “Evolution” hit stores recently. Inside the issue’s pages, Joe gives readers a look at how he achieved and maintains his god-like physique. Get a sneak peek at Homorazzi — and watch the behind-the-scenes video of his photo shoot below. As nice as he is to look at in photos, he’s even more impressive when he’s in motion!

Joe Manganiello Muscle & Fitness

Watch: Behind the Scenes of Joe Manganiello’s M&F Cover Shoot


Joe Manganiello Animated Gif Mania
Joe Manganiello Rock Hard for Men’s Health UK

Joe Manganiello ‘Evolution’ Celebration

Joe Manganiello Evolution

Gallery Books

With his new book “Evolution,” out today, Joe Manganiello is sharing his secrets to getting and maintaining a sexy body like his. The bad news? The “True Blood” hunk doesn’t pull any punches, maintaining that it actually takes lots and lots of grueling work. The good news? There are hot photos of the actor shirtless to drool over, starting with the book’s cover!

Subtitled “The Cutting Edge Guide To Breaking Down Mental Walls and Building the Body You’ve Always Wanted,” the book asks the eternal question when it comes to fitness: “There’s only one question, and only you can answer it: How bad do you want it?” It offers tips (no tricks!) and exercises to get fit and ripped.

In case you’re actually questioning if Manganiello knows what he’s talking about, and thinking maybe he was just born this way, he provides photo evidence via Twitter that he most certainly not always the hunk he is today:

We think young Joe is still pretty adorbs, but yeah … point taken! The man not only has the body, he has the credentials. We are believers!

This morning, Joe donned a tracksuit in Pittsburgh Steelers colors (yeah, we caught that) to demonstrate his workout on ‘Live With Kelly and Michael,’ leading the show’s hosts in a variety of exercises. Kelly Ripa spoke for all of us when she cajoled Joe to remove his jacket. He finally did so, revealing the biceps of a god:

“My eyeballs are getting such a workout,” Kelly joked — but she wasn’t kidding!

Get another peek at Joe Manganiello’s “Evolution” here:

Watch Joe Manganiello’s Shirtless ‘Evolution’ Video

Order ‘Evolution’ on Amazon

Joe Manganiello in the Flesh and On the Stage in ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’

Joe Manganiello in 'Streetcar Named Desire'

Carol Rosegg/Yale Repertory Theatre

Swoonworthy looooves Joe Manganiello, so when we got the chance to see him live and in the flesh onstage, you better believe we grabbed that opportunity — with both hands! Our Pack Master is currently stalking the boards as Stanley Kowalski in the Tennessee Williams classic play “A Streetcar Named Desire” for the Yale Repertory Theatre. So, New Haven, Conn., here we come!

With his massive frame and overall manliness, Joe’s a perfect physical fit for the iconic role. As dazzled as we were by his physique in an early shirtless scene, we kept our composure long enough to note the guy can really act, too. Even if you’re not lucky enough to make it to New Haven, you can still see that for yourself — check out a video of him performing a ‘Streetcar’ scene below.

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Joe Manganiello Animated Gif Mania


Joe Manganiello in motion seems like a perfectly wonderful way to start the day (and another week of work), so let’s get right down to it: 20 Sexy Joe Manganiello Animated Gifs!