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The Boston Bruins Lift the Cup!

Patrice Bergeron

Let’s get this out of the way first: Yes, yet more hideous playoff beards! Who started this superstition? Does anyone have the power to stop it?

But back to the point: I grew up looking at this poster on my brother’s wall, so by birthright and brainwashing, I have no choice but to be completely thrilled for the long-suffering Boston Bruins (and my brother). Way to go, B’s!

Because I am who I am — and this site being what it is — I’m going to celebrate the Bruins’ hoisting of Lord Stanley’s Cup in the normal manner: with a hot dude! So here’s my current fave, handsome assistant captain Patrice Bergeron, both hideously bearded and adorably cleanshaven!

Sidney Crosby Is Back on Ice, Baby!

Sidney Crosby shirtless for GQ

In the best news we’ve heard since word leaked out of an impending Usher sex tape, Pittsburgh Penguin captain Sidney Crosby took the ice for the first time today since his early January concussion. Penguin supporters — as well as sportsman fans everywhere — rejoice at his return to action! Click to enlarge 17 Sexy Shots of Sidney Crosby:

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