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Hunky Celebs Take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice Bucket Challenge celebs

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a social-media phenomenon that has raised awareness of the neurodegenerative disease to new heights as well as tens of millions of dollars to help fight it. By now, you’ve probably witnessed scores of your own friends dousing themselves with ice-cold water and seen videos of dozens of celebrities doing the same, all while challenging their other famous friends. We’ve gathered up all the hunky celebrity men we could find taking on the challenge and posted the videos for your enjoyment below. We’re still waiting for Channing Tatum to answer Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson‘s call and Chris Hemsworth [UPDATE: He did it and we have it!] to respond to Robert Downey Jr., and we are wondering when someone will finally get around to challenging Hugh Jackman [UPDATE: Done! See below!], Alex O’Loughlin [UPDATE: Done! Watch it below!], Taylor Kinney, Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Alexander Skarsgard. And you can’t convince us that David Beckham isn’t working on his own video this very second! [UPDATE: Becks did it! Evidence below!]

You can learn more about this awful disease at the ALS Association website before donating whatever amount you can online at the same link.

In the meantime, enjoy videos from hot athletes and actors and more, including ‘Dancing With the Stars’ hottie Derek Hough, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez and ‘Arrow’ hunk Stephen Amell (pictured above, left to right).

Cristiano Ronaldo:

Tyler Hoechlin:

Matt Bomer:

Adam Levine, Blake Shelton & Carson Daly:

LeBron James:

Derek Hough:

Graham Zusi:

Ashton Kutcher, Wilmer Valderrama & Dax Shepard:

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Our Eric Decker Fantasy Comes True

Eric Decker Jets

Bad Photoshop by Swoonworthy

Eric Decker is a New York Jet. Repeat: Eric Decker is a New York Jet. We go to sleep and he isn’t a Jet — we wake up and he totally is. IS THIS REAL LIFE?!?!

It’s not only real life, it’s a fantasy come true: The No. 1 hottest guy in the entire NFL has signed with our hometown team. Decker reportedly says that the Denver Broncos, his team for the last four years, never even offered him a deal. A shame for many reasons, not the least of which is how spectacular he looks in orange. We dare say he’ll look pretty damn great in green too. (Spoiler alert: He looks flawless in — and out of — everything.)

The wide receiver was a popular fantasy league pick last season, thanks to his fruitful association with Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. No one, least of all the Jets themselves, yet knows what the future holds for the QB position of Gang Green. Expectations are that last season’s rookie quarterback, Geno Smith, will retain the spot, despite mixed on-field results. If so, we hope that Geno — unlike Tim Tebow when he was with Denver — will throw Decker the damned ball.

Prognosticators are also saying that the Jets will cut swoonworthy QB Mark Sanchez, who was injured all last season. This is terrible news for those of us hoping for a fantasy team of a different kind. Can you imagine if Mark were the starter again and Eric was his favorite target? I mean, can you IMAGINE? Wow. Might need to take a break for a minute … Wow.

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Russell Wilson Super Bowl Celebration

Russell Wilson Men's Fitness

Men’s Fitness

A hearty congratulations to Russell Wilson and his Seattle Seahawks on their Super Bowl XLVIII victory. The game was abysmal, but the commercials were good fun and halftime entertainer Bruno Mars killed it, as always. Second-year quarterback Wilson only just missed making last season’s Top 10 Hottest Football Players list, but with photo shoots like the ones seen recently in Men’s Fitness and GQ, it’s only a matter of time before he cracks the tally. Congrats, Russell!

Victor Cruz and His Abs Pose With Kate Upton for Vogue

Victor Cruz shirtless

Clearly not satisfied with No. 9 showing on our list of the Top 10 Hottest Football Players, Victor Cruz is taking measures to increase his placement on next season’s tally.

The handsome New York Giants wide receiver and clothes horse appears shirtless in the new issue of Vogue, in a pictorial by Mario Testino called “Kate Upton’s Super Bowl Party With the Giants and the Jets.” He’s the only player to appear shirtless in the spread (much to the overly clothed Michael Strahan’s chagrin), which you can see the rest of here.

“I did a few sit-ups” before the shoot, Cruz admitted on today’s “Live With Kelly and Michael.” It looked as if the worked out before his appearance on the morning show too, because his biceps were fairly busting out of his Hilfiger suit.

It’s hard to tell from this particular pose, so ya gotta trust us:

Eric Decker: Swoonworthy’s No. 1 Hottest NFL Player Shirtless for GQ

Eric Decker shirtless GQ


The single most important reason to root for the Denver Broncos to advance to the Super Bowl this weekend, wide receiver Eric Decker poses with his pregnant wife in the upcoming issue of GQ. Swoonworthy’s No. 1 Hottest Football Player of the season takes off his shirt to sell jeans — hey, makes perfect sense to us! Scroll down for more pics from the hot shoot…

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Eric Decker Off the Field, in Your Living Room — OMG!

Eric Decker and Jessie James


Game on, people! Gone are the days of squinting to catch a glimpse of Eric Decker on our televisions. The superfine Denver Broncos wide receiver is no longer just one of dozens of similarly overdressed figures on a football field. Well, yes, he is still that, of course. But he’s also something else, something way better for our ogling purposes: As of this weekend, our No. 1 Hottest Football Player of 2013 is also a reality-TV star!

Decker stars with his then-fiancee, country singer Jessie James, in the E! reality series “Eric & Jessie: Game On,” premiering Sunday at 10pm ET. The series follows the social-media savvy and preternaturally photogenic couple through a series of hijinks and adventures as they prepare for their wedding. Spoiler alert: The lovebirds did in fact get hitched over the summer, and are now expecting their first child! Congrats, you crazy kids!

The stars have been a lot of fun to follow on social media, sharing their lives and loves wholeheartedly, and we have to believe they’ll be just as open and engaging on camera. Plus, the show is an amazing opportunity for fans to see Eric off the field, without his helmet and pads — and, let’s hope, without his shirt!

Check out promo videos for ‘Eric & Jessie: Game On':

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Top 10 Hottest Football Players 2013

Hottest Football Players

Thirty-two teams, 53-player rosters each. Take it from us: There’s a lot of M-A-N in the NFL. We know, ’cause we looked at them all to produce this list of the National Football League’s 10 hottest players 2013!

We take our research a little too seriously and are crazy picky about our picks. So, if you’re upset that Tim Tebow didn’t make our cut, for instance, please understand that it was because he got cut by the New England Patriots, not us. Blame Bill Belichick (we love doing that)! Speaking of the Pats, veteran tally topper Tom Brady got edged off our list this year by a new teammate. Hope that doesn’t mean Brady won’t throw him the ball!

To make the most of this list — which is ranked in reverse order by hotness — you don’t have to know the difference between a wide receiver and a running back, but you simply must have an appreciation for a tight end (sorry). Keep scrolling below to join us in counting down the Top 10 Sexiest NFL Players of the 2013-2014 Season!

10. DANNY AMENDOLA, New England Patriots

Hottest Football Players: Danny Amendola

Position: Wide receiver
Age: 27
Marital Status: Single (we think … we hope)
What Makes Him Swoonworthy: That smirk, those biceps (tie)

Tom Brady’s brand-new weapon is actually an NFL veteran who most recently played for the St. Louis Rams. At 5’10” the Texas native is called “undersized,” like his pretty Pats predecessor Wes Welker. The oft-hurt Amendola was just listed with a groin injury (no, not there!). Let’s hope it doesn’t keep him off the field: The civic-minded player has pledged to donate $100 for every pass he catches — and $200 for every dropped pass, haters! — to a relief fund for victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

9. VICTOR CRUZ, New York Giants

Hottest Football Players: Victor Cruz

Position: Wide receiver
Age: 26
Marital Status: Has longtime girlfriend
What Makes Him Swoonworthy: Gotta love a man who can dance!

The player who brought salsa dancing into the stadium has so much style to spare he started his own clothing line. The New Jersey native is so famously well groomed he has even just been named a spokesman for Gillette. Check out how he gets that 6-foot body of his in Super Bowl shape: “Every three weeks or so I get a manicure and pedicure, and every other week I get a massage. You have to do those little things to keep your body in shape. In the long run it pays off.” Oh, my, and how!

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