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James Purefoy’s Charm Offensive

James Purefoy

It kills me that a guy this hot is on my TV screen every week and I’m too afraid to watch his show! James Purefoy, the scariest serial killer on Fox’s ultra-frightening “The Following,” takes Entertainment Weekly’s Pop Culture Personality Test, and passes with an abundance of charm and likability.

Turns out he digs chick flicks and gets choked up about that Budweiser commercial in which the horse sees the man who raised … oh, crap, can’t continue. Too emotional.

In short, James Purefoy is perfect. Which is probably a serial-killer trap. (Damn this show!)

Click to watch the video: James Purefoy’s EW Pop Culture Personality Test!


James Purefoy Is Scary Hot
Warren Kole Makes ‘The Following’ Even Foxier

James Purefoy Is Scary Hot

James Purefoy

The elegantly sexy James Purefoy stars as charismatic and intensely creepy serial killer Joe Carroll in Kevin Bacon’s totally terrifying new drama, “The Following.

I saw the premiere episode and have been having nightmares ever since, but I also find it very hard to forget the handsome man who scared the living f*** out of me the entire hour! I promise these gorgeous photos won’t give you bad dreams… well, maybe just one.

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“The Following” premieres tonight at 9 ET on Fox.

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