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Ian Somerhalder Mardi Gras Madness (Photos + Videos)

Ian Somerhalder Mardi Gras

Instagram / esquiremag

Last Mardi Gras, we shared with you photos we took of a Ryan Gosling parade float. Alas, that Ryan wasn’t real but made out of papier-mâché. This year, New Orleans paradegoers got to see one of Swoonworthy’s favorite hunks in the flesh. It was total Ian Somerhalder Mardi Gras madness when he served as a grand marshal of last weekend’s Endymion parade (along with ‘Walking Dead’ stud Norman Reedus, btw).

The ‘Vampire Diaries’ hottie made the most of float experience, sharing photos on social media and writing an essay for Esquire magazine about his day. (Check it out in full here: Ian Somerhalder’s Mardi Gras Grand Marshal Experience.)

Ian fans who got to touch his hand or have their photo taken with him totally freaked out, but it turns out the actor found the whole thing just as wondrous. “As a local Louisiana boy, to be given this honor of standing on that stage as Grand Marshal of my favorite Krewe and parade was without a doubt a dream,” Somerhalder writes. “I mean, I went to my first Mardi Gras when I was one year old so here I was 34 years later, just thinking, ‘Wow, wow, wow!'” Happy Fat Tuesday, y’all!

Check out photos and video of Ian Somerhalder Mardi Gras Madness:

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Looks Like Ian Somerhalder Is Taking This Smolderhalder Thing Seriously

Ian Somerhalder Annex Man

Hey, they don’t call him Ian Smolderhalder for nothing! ‘Vampire Diaries’ hottie Ian Somerhalder smolders as if his life depends on it on the cover the latest issue of Annex Man magazine. The way he’s looking at us makes us feeling kinda funny down below. In a good way. And can we talk about those biceps? Ian apparently isn’t just roaming the earth doing really good things — honey’s been hitting the gym too!

Annex Man’s Winter 2013/2014 issue is already available on newsstands, but you can check out more Ian now at Homorazzi!

Ian Somerhalder Annex Man

Ian Somerhalder’s Shirtless Selfie

Ian Somerhalder’s Shirtless Selfie Brings Triple the Sexy

Ian Somerhalder shirtless selfie

Ian Somerhalder plus iPhone plus mirrors equals Instagram gold! While it’s sort a shame that the ‘Vampire Diaries’ hottie and endlessly energetic do-gooder noticed that mirrors were in the background of his shirtless selfie — because wouldn’t it have been wonderful to catch him without pants too? — we have to be grateful at the same time. Without him seeing his reflection times three, we probably would not have been gifted this terrific pic.

Thank you, Ian! Thank you, mirrors! Thank you, Instagram!

Ian Somerhalder’s 50 Shades of Grey in Harper’s Bazaar China Photo Spread

Ian Somerhalder

Harper’s Bazaar China

Ian Somerhalder has denied that he’ll be portraying Christian Grey in the upcoming movie adaptation of “50 Shades of Grey,” but he’s clearly channeling the BDSM fiend in these shots from the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar China because he is TORTURING us. Photographer Yin Chao has captured the “Vampire Diaries” star at his Smolderhalder best — and the cat looks pretty cool, too.

Don’t give up hope on his casting in the much-anticipated movie, Ian/Christian fans. Maybe his denial is just another in the celebrity trend of lying to the media about upcoming projects? (*cough* ‘N Sync *cough*)

Check out more Ian images from Harper’s Bazaar China:

Ian Somerhalder

Harper’s Bazaar China

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Ian Somerhalder’s Eyes Defy All Logic

Ian Somerhalder for Defy Magazine

Ian Somerhalder and his dreamy blue eyes cover the October 2012 issue of Defy Magazine … can “The Vampire Diaries” please return already?!?