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Hugh Jackman’s Shirtless Wolverine Gifs

Wolverine Logan featurette gif

When a super-ripped, shirtless Hugh Jackman is the star of your movie, you best promote the flick with images of a super-ripped, shirtless Hugh Jackman. The no-doubt-very-intelligent makers of the upcoming film “The Wolverine” (opening July 26) do just that in a just-released featurette, “Logan.”

Focusing on Jackman’s Wolverine character, the minute-long clip manages to squeeze in no fewer than six (arguably seven) shirtless moments alongside all the hair-raising action sequences. Yeah, the fight scene on top of the Japanese bullet train looks totally epic, but when we took time to create animated gifs of the featurette, we decided to concentrate on the truly important stuff: the aforementioned super-ripped, shirtless Hugh Jackman.

We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoyed making them: Hugh Jackman Wolverine Gifs!

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Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Hates Shirts (Yay!)

Hugh Jackman shirtless Wolverine

Holla, it’s Hugh Jackman shirtless again as the title character in upcoming flick “The Wolverine” (out July 26). Look below for a bunch off photographic evidence that Wolverine hates him some shirts:

The film’s trailer will have its worldwide premiere this Wednesday, but there’s already a preview of it at Vine. How much shirtlessness can the makers of the movie squeeze into six seconds? You’d be surprised! Watch the Vine clip here.

Via My New Plaid Pants!

Hot Dudes to Jennifer Lawrence’s Rescue!

Jennifer Lawrence falls at the Oscars


Yet another of the many reasons to envy the talented and beautiful Best Actress Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence… the three men who rush to her rescue when she falls down? Jean Dujardin, Hugh Jackman and Bradley Cooper!

Giiiiiirl, I’d never have gotten up!

Jennifer’s reaction to finding out that Jackman was among those who rushed to her aid? Priceless! Watch it below:

Via Mail Online!

Hugh Jackman IS Jean Valjean

Hot damn, I need me one of these posters… on second thought, I’d prefer the enormous lobby placard!

I saw “Les Miserables” for the first time a couple of days ago — I say “first time” because I will definitely be going back for more! I totally adored the movie, and found it emotional and beautiful, from beginning to end. ALL of it (I’m looking at you, Adam Lambert!)

Hugh Jackman made for a magnificent Jean Valjean, as we all knew he would. Can’t wait to see him doing his thing on the big screen again. His work is a pleasure to behold, as is his handsome visage. Yeah, starts out the film horribly ragged (and we won’t spoil how it ends), but the middle is Hugh at his finest. And how. Just see for yourself:

Watch a behind-the-scenes video of Hugh as Jean Valjean in “Les Miz” below:
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