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Henry Cavill and Girlfriend Are the Proud Parents Of … A Puppy

Henry Cavill puppy

Looks like it’s getting serious between Henry Cavill and his on-again, off-again sweetheart, Gina Carano: The pair have adopted a puppy together! The Superman star and his girlfriend flew to Arkansas earlier this week to pick up the pup, a pure-bred black-and-white Akita reportedly named Kal-El. The breeders, Big Bear Akitas, posted pictures of the pair with their new baby on their website. Congrats to the happy family!

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Henry Cavill Bares His Super Chest in ‘Man of Steel’ Extras

Henry Cavill’s Super Chest in ‘Man of Steel’ Extras

Henry Cavill shirtless Man of Steel

Be still our hearts: Among the extras on the “Man of Steel” DVD are yet more images of a shirtless Henry Cavill. Blu-ray be praised, THIS is what the world has been waiting for! Among the many, many sexy shots of Henry both training and filming are these, our favorites, showing Superman taking on a mere human in a boxing match. This should come as a surprise to absolutely no one: A shirtless Cavill is a complete knockout.

Henry Cavill shirtless Man of Steel

Henry Cavill shirtless Man of Steel

Henry Cavill shirtless Man of Steel

Henry Cavill shirtless Man of Steel

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Henry Cavill Bares His ‘Immortals’ Thigh

henry cavill tease cheeky immortals deleted scene

We’ve spent so much time obsessing over Henry Cavill‘s sexy shirtless chest, we almost forgot to ogle his mighty thighs (kidding — we didn’t forget)! Thank the gods it’s Superherofan to the rescue for the umpteenth time, today with a series of super-sexy screencaps of an “Immortals” deleted scene featuring Henry, his long legs and some “Gone With the Wind” drapes.

It’s too bad this scene wasn’t included in the original 2011 fantasy film. It doesn’t look like vital plot points are at work here — and the flick was already quite abtastic in itself — but the movie could have been even more eye-popping with these tantalizing looks at Henry’s hot, tanned legs.

Speaking of things popping, rarely have I wished so hard for a gust of wind to work its magic on still photos…

henry cavill tease cheeky immortals deleted scene

henry cavill tease cheeky immortals deleted scene

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Previously: Henry Cavill Workout Video

The Henry Cavill Workout Video

Henry Cavill workout

Just when you think you’ve rounded up all the good Henry Cavill shirtless pictures, the National Guard — our heroes! — comes to the rescue with more. Our sexy new Superman stars in the Guard’s new recruiting video for a reason we haven’t cared enough to ponder. Because sweaty shirtless Henry.

The shirtless parts end at the 1:43 mark, so save yourself some time (and rewind!). Ladies and gentlemen, the world’s sexiest National Guard propaganda video of all time:

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Henry Cavill Shirtless (33 Pics)

Henry Cavill shirtless Superman screen capture

Alas, he time has come for us to share our dear Henry Cavill with the world. The newest, sexiest Superman ever is hitting the big screen in “Man of Steel” this week. I haven’t been this excited for people to discover their new obsession since the first night William Levy cha-cha-cha’d across their screens in “Dancing With the Stars”!

This post — 33 Photos of Henry Cavill Shirtless, from movies and TV, from yesterday and way back — can serve as a primer for you newbies or a review for you veterans. Either way, enjoy the show!

A Cavill-cade of Henry:

The Henry Cavill Invasion Begins
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Henry Cavill’s Super Beef

The Henry Cavill Invasion Begins

Henry Cavill Glamour UK

Gird your loins, Henry Cavill fans!

Man of Steel” doesn’t hit theaters for another month-plus (June 14), but the hype surrounding the Superman flick and its delectable star is already reaching super new heights. Cavill, who turned 30 on May 5, will soon be ev-er-y-where! Yes! More!

Here he is in the new issues of Glamour UK (above), British GQ, and the absurdly titled F*** Magazine:

In addition, check out the just-released “Man of Steel” TV spot No. 3