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James Bond’s 50 Sexiest Pics

Daniel Craig as James Bond

Happy birthday, Mr. Bond! Let’s lift a martini (shaken, not stirred) — or whatever the hell he’s drinking these days — in honor of the 007’s first big-screen appearance 50 years ago today. We mark the grand occasion in the best way we know how, with 50 Sexy James Bond Images! Enjoy hot pictures of Bonds past and present: Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig

50 Hottest Male Olympians 2012 (All-Nations Edition)

Hottest Male Olympians

This I promise you, dear reader: I worked longer and harder on this list than was prudent or even appropriate. AND I did my best to include more countries and sports than you’ll see in other similar photo galleries (and I didn’t include David Beckham or Rafael Nadal — both of whom ARE NOT PARTICIPATING, people! Geez.) If I missed someone special, I want to hear about it in the comments. The more obsure the man and the sport, the better, because the more sexy Olympians there are to see, the better the Olympics experience will be for all of us!

Enjoy the fruits of my labor, and the fruits of these guys’ many, many workouts. Let the Games Begin: The 50 Hottest Male Olympic Athletes of 2012!!!

Johnny Depp Young and Hot

Johnny Depp young and hot

Bless his over-accessorized heart, “Dark Shadows” star Johnny Depp has been fighting the hot for years … NOW WE’RE FIGHTING BACK!

And we’re fighting back with pics of a young Johnny Depp, back before he became a big movie star and even ever heard of Tim Burton — and waaaay before all this crazy are-they or aren’t they Vanessa Paradis business.

25 Photos of a Young and Hot Johnny Depp:

P.S. Possibly my fave young Johnny Depp photo ever! (Not hot, but awesome!)

Depp inside:

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33 Jocks With Strategically Placed Sports Equipment

Naked cricketers
Cricketers Stuart Broad, James Anderson and Alastair Cook bare it all — almost.

Damn you, sports equipment!

We love all these athletes for being such sports (and much of this cheeky near-nudity is for charity), but … God bless you rugby players for all that you do!