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Derek Hough Wins at Thanksgiving Too

Derek Hough Thanksgiving

Instagram/Derek Hough

Well, when doesn’t Derek Hough come in first? The Emmy-winning “Dancing With the Stars” pro had led his celebrity partners to Mirror Ball victory a record five times — so of course he’d also win the family Thanksgiving Dance Wars on Instagram!

The impromptu video battle between Derek and his former “DWTS” partner Maria Menounos shows them and their families (including Derek’s sister Julianne) putting together their best routines in 15-second segments. The result is not only hilarious — it’s a great way to work off all that turkey and pie! Fellow “Dancing” pro Mark Ballas notably got in the festivities too, but our favorites are from family Hough are embedded below, starting with Derek’s musical acceptance of Maria’s challenge to the beautiful blond bunch’s amazing kitchen dance:

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Derek Hough: An Awesome Day in the Life of an Emmy-Winning, Booty-Shaking ‘DWTS’ Pro

Derek Hough

Instagram/Derek Hough

Derek Hough is having a moment. And by “a moment,” we mean a day. A really freaking awesome day!

Here’s just what we know went down in the 24 hours from Sunday evening through Monday night: The handsome Hough was the brightest star of an Emmy Awards segment honoring nominees for the choreography award. He won said Emmy, for his Mirrorball-winning “Dancing With the Stars” work. He spent the later part of Sunday evening trying to match the fancy footwork of “Breaking Bad” star Dean Norris at an AMC after-party (and making headlines for it in the process). Finally, on last night’s “Dancing With the Stars,” he motorboated well-endowed partner Amber Riley during their jumping jive — and lived to tell about it!

Some photo and video evidence of the awesomeness:

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Derek Hough’s Hot Vacation Photos

Derek Hough shirtless

Never mind those “Dancing With the Stars” spray tans, here’s a shirtless Derek Hough showing us the real deal in new Instagram pictures featuring the professional dancer and “DWTS” winner “chillin like a villain” (above) on vacation at an undisclosed location (let’s just call it Paradise.) Check out shirtless shots of Derek horsing around below:

Derek Hough shirtless Derek Hough shirtless

Via Derek Hough’s Instagram!

Sherri Shepherd’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Twitter Pics

Sherri Shepherd Dancing With the Stars Twitter Pics

This is a big shout-out to Sherri Shepherd, who has been so generous posting Twitter pics of her sexy male “Dancing With the Stars” colleagues that I had to review my checkbook to see if she was on the Swoonworthy payroll!

Check out Sherri’s photos of William Levy, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Tristan MacManus, Derek Hough and her hunky “DWTS” partner Val Chmerkovskiy:

As a display of gratitude to Sherri, let’s vote to keep Team SherVal in the competition as long as possible! These backstage shots are priceless, people!

More hot “Dancing” action:

William Levy’s Cha-Cha-Cha Chest
Maksim Chmerkovskiy Works It Out
The Sexy Pros of ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Via Twitter!