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David Beckham Swimwear Shots

David Beckham swimwear


David Beckham is retired from the soccer pitch, but he still is keeping himself in top form, as you can see in these newly released images. Beckham shared the shots of him modeling his new H&M swimwear line via his Facebook page late last week. He remains an impressive specimen, which makes us very happy. We just wish Becks looked a little happier about taking his clothes off yet again. More pics below!

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David Beckham in Underwear for the Super Bowl Again

David Beckham H&M ad

Remember David Beckham‘s 2012 Super Bowl ad for H&M, starring his tattooed torso clad only in underwear? Well, he’s back again for this year’s big game, and we’re hoping that he’s back also showing a ton of skin. This is where YOU come in, people!

H&M is giving fans the chance to choose which version of their latest David Beckham Bodywear commercial will be shown during Sunday’s Super Bowl, uncovered (yay!) or covered (killjoys). I think you know what to do. You have until Saturday to vote here.

In the meantime, check out some delicious images from the ad of David in his undies:


24 Photos of David Beckham in His Underwear

Becks Is Back To What He Does Best (Not Soccer)

David Beckham underwear H&M

David Beckham/Facebook

David Beckham underwear

David Beckham/Facebook

Now THIS is more like it! David Beckham, whose most recent advertisement uncharacteristically featured him fully dressed, is back where he belongs: in his underwear!

Beckham shared these sneak peeks of the new ad for his autumn H&M Bodywear campaign via Facebook today. We looooove his H&M Bodywear collection, and we loooove its sexy ads, and by the looks of things, this one is going to be just as enjoyable as the rest. Way to go to keep things interesting on a Tuesday, Becks!

Any questions as to the retired soccer star’s fitness level are completely answered in these new pics — David is as fit as f–k as ever!

Check out a behind-the-scenes video of Beckham’s latest H&M photoshoot:

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Via David Beckham’s Facebook!

Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham: So This Happened

Cristiano Ronaldo David Beckham

Cristiano Ronaldo/Instagram

Soccer’s two biggest studs met on the field in Los Angeles yesterday and, hallelujah, someone thought to capture the moment forever for the masses! Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo posted the pic of him and recently retired legend David Beckham posing at a preseason practice on his Instagram account. Both guys look ab fab — we’re especially fond of Cristiano’s right arm — but don’t ya wish they were showing their abs?

Wish granted:

24 Sexy Pics of David Beckham in His Underwear
51 Shirtless Cristiano Ronaldo Photos

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Six David Beckhams — and None Are Unclothed?!

6 David Beckhams for Sky Sports

Just my luck: There are now SIX David Beckhams, and I can’t get any of them to look at me!

England’s Sky Sports has hired Becks to shill its multiscreen capabilities, showing several clones of the recently retired soccer stud passing one another as they watch Premier League soccer matches in a variety of spots, my favorite of which is a pie and mash shop. Point driven home: You can watch these games anywhere … and now I’m certain I’ll never capture Beckham’s attention.

Rare is the ad in which David is wearing clothes. We dig the drawstring sweatpants and tank top, but let’s hope we never see the likes of these shots again:

Watch David Beckham’s commercial for Sky Sports:

David Beckham Underwear Pics (24 Sexy Shots)

David Beckham underwear

Congrats to everyone’s favorite half-naked soccer player, David Beckham, on his retirement. Bad news for fans planning a Beckham stalking trip to Paris, good news for the rest of us, as he plans to expand “Brand Beckham.” And it’s really great news for David himself, as now he can just hang around in his underwear all day! Doesn’t matter if it’s Armani, H&M or wild banana hammock24 Photos of David Beckham in His Underwear!

David Beckham Strips Down To Heat Things Up

David Beckham's H&M holiday collection

We just got slammed with the first snowfall of the season and are freezing our butts off this morning — David Beckham to the rescue! He’s been a busy boy today, uploading new photos and video from his upcoming H&M holiday bodywear collection. Bless you, Becks! We barely even noticed the ‘stache…

Happy Holidays From David Beckham:

Behind the scenes video from his H&M holiday shoot:
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