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Charlie Hunnam’s Rubdown Gets Us Over the Hump

Charlie Hunnam rubdown

‘Sons of Anarchy’ star Charlie Hunnam missed the show’s final Comic-Con panel over the weekend, but he certainly made an impact there nonetheless. In a video specially produced for the event, Hunnam appears naked, covered only by a towel, getting pampered by a trio of other badass cast members. The clip is glorious, and his oil rubdown is already the stuff of legend (at least in our own perverted minds). Watch it in full (and bonus best GIFs!) below:

Watch Charlie Hunnam’s Massage Message

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Charlie Hunnam Is Christian Grey, and You Should Be Cool With It

Charlie Hunnam

Men’s Fitness

Congratulations to Charlie Hunnam for scoring one of the most sought-after male roles in Hollywood — Christian Grey in “50 Shades of Grey”! The casting of the “Sons of Anarchy” hunk and Dakota Johnson in the upcoming movie adaptation of the erotic novel was announced by author E.L. James on Twitter yesterday:

The announcement caused a worldwide freakout on a grand scale, much of it critical. But we at Swoonworthy think that the negative reaction mostly came from the following two types of folks:

1) Fans of a particular actor who had hoped their guy would nab the high-profile role. Our condolences to Team Bomer, Team Somerhalder et al. You will understandably need time to grieve, but console yourself with the fact that your fave can always be the star of your fantasies.

2) People who have yet to meet the gorgeous and talented Charlie Hunnam! Seriously. The actor has shown himself to be quite the chameleon, much more than you would expect from such a beautiful man. We’re sure he’ll have no problem donning Christian Grey’s suit (and tie).

All of you can use a Charlie Hunnam primer — get to know your new Christian Grey a bit better with the links below!

17 Sexy Shots of Charlie Hunnam
Young Charlie Hunnam for Throwback Thursday
Charlie Hunnam: Hummana, Hummana
In Bed With Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam for Throwback Thursday

Charlie Hunnam Then and Now

When you start acting professionally at the age of 16, there are bound to be loads of cringeworthy photos of you plastered all over the Interwebs. He may have worn a suspect jaunty hat or two in his early photo sessions, but Charlie Hunnam somehow avoided starring in the most embarrassing photoshoot ever (maybe unlike Jared Leto, Charlie refused to pick up that damned flower).

Enjoy the “Sons of Anarchy” stud in all his #ThrowbackThursday glory in the gallery below — then feast your eyes on him all grown up: 17 Sexy Shots of Charlie Hunnam!

Charlie Hunnam’s Hotness Saves the Day

Charlie Hunnam GQ Style UK cover

While you wait impatiently for the next new episode of “Sons of Anarchy“… a gift from overseas! The sex on a stick that is Charlie Hunnam covers the British edition of GQ Style. Check out yet more Hunnam hotness via Sons of!


Charlie Hunnam: Hummana, Hummana
17 Sexy Shots of Charlie Hunnam
In Bed With Charlie Hunnam

17 Sexy Shots of Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam shirtless

Happy 32nd birthday today to “Sons of Anarchy” stud Charlie Hunnam!

While we all wait for “SOA” to come back, let’s entertain ourselves, shall we? … 17 Sexy Shots of Charlie Hunnam!