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Channing Tatum’s ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Look Is Growing on Us

Channing Tatum Jupiter Ascending poster

Not going to deny it: We definitely did not like the first look we got at Channing Tatum‘s sic-fi get-up in the upcoming flick ‘Jupiter Ascending’ (out July 18). We even went so far as to invoke the famous phrase “Channing All Over Our Tatums” in a completely negative way. But with the release of a new character poster and trailer, Chan’s blond hair is growing on us (sorry if that sounds gross). We’ve gotten used to seeing the actor with light blond hair, eyebrows and goatee — and we always dug the guy liner and the pointy ears — and now we even think the overall vibe is pretty cute.

The badass poster might have something to do with that, of course, with Tatum’s tattooed bicep taking center stage right along with his leather pants and rock-star belt. We don’t know what material that sleeveless shirt is made of, but it best be durable. We have grand designs on tearing it off his body should we ever be in the same solar system. Check out the trailer for ‘Jupiter Ascending’ below — it sure looks as if Channing is shirtless a lot in it!

Watch the new ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Trailer

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Channing Tatum’s ‘Magic Mike 2′ Inspiration

Channing Tatum Matthew McConaughey bust

Instagram / Channing Tatum

All right, all right, all right! Channing Tatum has FINALLY started work on ‘Magic Mike 2,’ the breathlessly anticipated sequel to the People’s Best Picture of 2012. Chan posted a photo of him hard at work writing the script on his Instagram and Twitter accounts yesterday. He’s clad in a fedora in an office, staring at his muse. And what is that he’s using for inspiration? Yes, that’s a bust of Matthew McConaughey, aka the original’s dear old Dallas!

We couldn’t love it any more — except we totally could! Since sequels need to do everything BIGGER, we think ‘Magic Mike 2′ should show even more skin than the first one. And here’s what we think Channing should be using for inspiration this time around …

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This Look Does Not Channing All Over My Tatum

Channing Tatum Jupiter Ascending

How can you be so smart as to make Channing Tatum shirtless for part of your film but so stupid as to ugly him up in really ridiculous blond hair, goatee and eyebrows? (Not gonna lie, though, we kinda dig the guyliner.)

“Jupiter Ascending” — or as our friends at Squarehippies hilariously called it, “Magic Mike in Space!” — is the latest sci-fi offering from the Wachowski siblings (makers of the “Matrix” trilogy). The trailer for the flick, co-starring Mila Kunis and Sean Bean (RIP — just a guess!), has just been released, showing Channing for once not making us Channing all over our Tatums in his sci-fi get-up. Even though we like the lack of shirts in outer space, the future, or alternate reality, whatever!

Watch the ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Trailer

Channing Tatum’s Tank Is Tops

Channing Tatum White House Down

Channing Tatum rocks a white tank top like few others — and he does it often. Hey, when it works, it works — and his sexy shoulders and big-ass biceps as seen in these stills from new movie “White House Down” are certainly doing the work for me! Check out Channing’s white-hot white wifebeater… until it takes a beating and requires a bleaching

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OMG, Channing Tatum and Adorable Animals!

Channing Tatum and Farm Animals

Channing Tatum and Farm Animals

Channing Tatum and Farm Animals

Channing Tatum and Farm Animals

Channing Tatum and Farm Animals

Channing Tatum and Farm Animals

Channing Tatum and Farm Animals

Channing Tatum and Farm Animals

As much as we love this new pic of Channing Tatum in red sweatpants — and, lawd, how we do! — we gotta hand it to photographer Bruce Weber for knowing a winning combination when he sees one: Channing Tatum and animals! CHANIMALS! The new dad cuddles puppies, rides horses and poses with a pig in this video Weber shot for the July 2013 issue of Vanity Fair: Channing Tatum on Set, Playing with Puppies and Farm Animals

Bonus: Check out the Channing Tatum cover story at!

Channing Tatum’s Bar: A Visit Recalled (Kind Of)

Saints and Sinners

Full disclosure: This was supposed to be a full-fledged review of Channing Tatum’s New Orleans bar/restaurant, Saints and Sinners, but the cold beverages go down real easy in the Big Easy…

Here’s what I remember about a recent mid-afternoon, mid-week visit to Chan’s place: My friends and I had a GREAT time, the drinks were tasty, the staff couldn’t have been nicer, and we met strangers who now are no longer strangers. We were supposed to stay for one drink and we were there for untold hours. What more can one ask of an afternoon of unexpected revelry? Throw in the occasional image of the sexy actor-owner popping up on the TV screens — and his handsome visage appearing in one prominent piece of art — and you’ve got yourself a damned good time.

You’ll find Saints and Sinners in the busiest part of busy Bourbon Street in NOLA’s historic French Quarter. Bigger than it looks from the outside, it features a main bar, dining area, front patio, upstairs bar, lounge area and balcony, from which Channing himself threw beads during February’s Super Bowl festivities. The property exudes an unrelenting vintage brothel vibe — in other words, if you’re allergic to the color red, this place will be the death of you.

My group didn’t stay conscious long enough to enjoy one of the bar’s many theme nights, which include the intriguing Madam Mondays. You don’t have to be in New Orleans to find out your own Madam Name, however — just go here. (Channing’s is the fabulous “Mama Jezabel Fontaine”; mine is the lame “Old Saucy Jenkins.” I refuse to answer to it.)

Word is that S&S is trying to put together a male burlesque show, a la Channing’s “Magic Mike.” OMG. I hope to return to Saints and Sinners (and New Orleans) one day soon… but if male strippers are involved, my visit will be sooner rather than later. TAKE MY MONEY!

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