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The Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus Bromance Hits Singapore

andy-norman-2 andy-norman-1 andy-norman-3

In case you were doubting that Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus are enjoying themselves on their Asian promotional tour, here’s a video of the “Walking Dead” stars spinning in their chairs in a Singapore news studio. Posted Monday on Norman’s Instagram, it’s just one of the many cute images we’ve seen of this bromantic pair of late. Synchronized spinning should be named a new Olympic sport for bored TV actors — and if so, these two get the gold!

Andrew Lincoln Suits Up for Esquire UK

Andrew Lincoln Esquire UK

Esquire UK

We are so used to seeing Andrew Lincoln in his grimy Rick Grimes clothes that it’s astonishing to see that he cleans up so well! “The Walking Dead” star dons a variety of patterns and suits for a new Esquire UK fashion shoot, and even though he’s still rocking his Rick beard, he looks aaah-mazing.

We have fantasies about the rumpled bed in the photo above — huh? you don’t think it’s rumpled? Hey, it’s OUR fantasy, back off! Also, um, is he tying that cherry stem with his tongue?!? Check out a few of the new pics below — head to Esquire UK for the full spread!

Previously: Andrew Lincoln Covers Men’s Health

Here Comes Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln Men's Health

And thus the long-awaited Andrew Lincoln press onslaught begins.

It’s ABOUT FREAKING TIME someone put the “Walking Dead” star on the cover of a major U.S. magazine (as himself, not just as character Rick Grimes*). Way to go, Men’s Health! Looking good!

Andrew Lincoln Men's Health

We’ve been obsessed with the “Walking Dead” star since the show first blew minds — zombie and human — when it debuted nearly two years ago. Of course, like most ‘mericans, I first noticed Lincoln as the creepy but hot guy who wouldn’t leave Keira Knightley alone in “Love, Actually.” And I fell hard after seeing him as pretty much the only sane character in the Tom Hardy version of “Wuthering Heights” … and his natural British accent was in FULL EFFECT, y’all. HAWT.

Knowing that his day job — or whatever you wanna call it — is killing zombies makes him just that much hotter. This new “Walking Dead” poster has got me FIRED UP for the new season:

Walking Dead poster

Bring on the zombies — and more Andrew Lincoln!

See more images from his October 2012 Men’s Health spread at Boy Culture! Read the article online at Men’s

* As pissed as I am that Entertainment Weekly sent me the Michonne cover instead of the Rick one, I did receive the correct “Magic Mike” collector’s cover (Joe Manganiello, of course) … let’s consider it even for now, EW.


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