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Alexander Skargsard Sees Your Polar Vortex and Raises It With Nude South Pole Pic

Alexander Skarsgard South Pole

Instagram/Inge Solheim

No, we have no idea why Alexander Skarsgard keeps taking his clothes off to read in the snow, but this is a trend we can get behind.

The ‘True Blood’ stud was shown in the HBO series’ season finale last summer reading on a lawn chair on a snowy mountaintop while completely nude. Now in December, again disregarding possible frostbite and shrinkage alike, ASkars stripped down to nothing in Antarctica, posing for a wacky photo of him reading while sitting on a toilet. All he’s wearing are big old black boots, Ray-Bans and a pensive look on his face while surrounded by miles and miles of nothing but Arctic tundra … and at least one friend with a camera, of course!

Inge Solheim, who guided Skarsgard’s team for the recent Walking With the Wounded Challenge, posted the sexy pic on his Instagram account yesterday. “#southpole -30C What are you reading Alex?” he wrote in the photo’s caption. “The script for season 7 of #truebloodHBO ? #alexanderskarsgard.”

See the original, uncensored-by-penguin pic below!

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Alexander Skarsgard’s Abs Are My New Religion

Alexander Skarsgard Cut Copy video

Alexander Skarsgard plays the World’s Hottest Cult Leader in a new music video from Australian band Cut Copy. The tall blond hottie dons a long wig and goes shirtless in the clip, for the song “Free Your Mind.” I’d like to free ASkars’ body from his clothing, like that hot full-frontal scene in last season’s finale of “True Blood”!

There is no question I’d follow Skarsgard and his abs anywhere — and I would be delighted to have his messiah play bongos on my head (not a euphemism, sadly). While I’ve yet to hear the music in this video because its visuals are so gosh-darn stunning, I think it’s safe to say this is my favorite new song. Check out the full “Free Your Mind” video below:

Alexander Skarsgard Cut Copy video

Alexander Skarsgard Cut Copy video

Watch Alexander Skarsgard Shirtless in Cut Copy’s ‘Free Your Mind’ Music Video

Alexander Skarsgard Full Frontal in ‘True Blood’

Alexander Skarsgard full frontal

Here’s one way to pique interest in your aging cable TV series: Show a headlining hunk showing his junk!

Alexander Skarsgard surprised and delighted viewers by going full frontal in an eyes-a-poppin’ scene on last night’s season finale of “True Blood.”

ASkars’ vampire Eric is seen hanging on a mountainside in Sweden sunning himself (yes, this can happen in the “True Blood” universe) when something causes him to get up from his lounge chair. Then it’s WHOA, GAME ON. We won’t tell you what goes down in case you’ve got the episode in your DVR queue, but if you want to see ASkars uncut, you’re gonna have to deal with the spoilers. Click here for the sexy and spoilery stills. Otherwise, just enjoy the safe (in all ways) screencaps below:

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Alexander Skarsgard’s Beautiful Body Is Back

Alexander Skarsgard shirtless in Disconnect

Oh, how we’ve missed drooling over the smoking hot Alexander Skarsgard! With Friday’s release of his movie “Disconnect” and the imminent return of the always-hot HBO series “True Blood,” ASkars is back in a big, big way — a very big way, considering his 6’4″ frame. He’s doing interviews and red carpets galore, and we were delighted to catch him on this morning’s “Live With Kelly and Michael,” doing a size comparison with Michael Strahan.

Alas, it was only their height being measured (dammit):

Skarsgard Strahan
(For the record, we’re calling it for Skarsgard, by a hair.)

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Alexander Skarsgard’s Arty and Adorable New Shoot

Alexander Skarsgard for Bullett

It’s hard to pick a favorite shot from this Alexander Skarsgard photoshoot for Bullett Magazine‘s Summer 2012 issue …

All right, I know that you know that it’s a tie between the baby lamb and the big blue booty!

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