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Young Alan Rickman Makes Everything Better

Alan Rickman young

Here’s a young Alan Rickman doing his best to erase those horrid Alan Rickman as Ronald Reagan images from our minds, and blowing our minds in the process.

I’m a Rickmaniac from way back and even my head is reeling by his youthful looks in these clips. Oh, but the best part? His swoonworthy voice is as flawless as ever!

From 1978’s TV movie “Romeo & Juliet“:

From the 1982 miniseries “The Barchester Chronicles“:

The quality on this clip is shite, but worth it to see a nearly naked Rickman looking like he’s 15 but still talking with THAT VOICE … from 1982’s “Busted”:

Top pic via the Only Love Alan Rickman Tumblr!

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