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People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2013 Is Here

Adam Levine underwear

Instagram/Behati Prinsloo

In what was one of the worst-kept secrets of the last few years, People magazine this evening announced its 2013 Sexiest Man Alive: ‘Voice’ coach and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. Some folks don’t love his tattoos, but the singer and clothing designer loves golf, yoga, models and running around shirtless — works for us!

Levine has long been a favorite in these parts, as our readers have repeatedly told us. Check out some of our sexiest Adam stories below!

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Adam Levine Golfing Shirtless … Of Course

Adam Levine golfing shirtless


Has Adam Levine found a replacement for his beloved yoga?

An Internet search for “Adam Levine” and “golf” will reveal a treasure trove of articles, videos, tweets and photos concerning the star’s love of the sport. It will not, however, tell us the provenance of the image above — currently circulating like wildfire on social media.

But, while we wait to find out, we’d like to say the following: Thank you, Adam, for officially making shirtless golf a thing. (Please let that other hot golfing Adam know about it, too!)


Adam Levine Moves Like Jagger Shirtless

Adam Levine Doesn’t Really ‘Hate This Country’




Calm down, y’all! Adam Levine sparked controversy on last night’s “The Voice” when he responded to his contestants’ eliminations by saying, “I hate this country.” Knee-jerk reactors called him a commie, but seriously, who hasn’t said the exact same thing when witnessing a dismaying audience vote on reality TV? I probably said it myself every single week when watching the “American Idol” elimination shows and, I promise you, I don’t hate this country. I just kinda hate when people make a big deal out of nothing.

BTW, here’s what Adam had to say on Twitter about the whole thing:


Adam Levine gifs from last night’s “The Voice” via Starscanbesoblinding!

Adam Levine’s Instagram Is Awesome

Adam Levine on Instagram

“Snacks on snacks on snacks…”

If you love Adam Levine and you’re not following him on Instagram yet, get to it! You’re missing out on some great stuff like this:

And, yes, you still need to follow him on Twitter too, for different (but just as hilarious) random musings. For example:

Adam Levine loves a ninja!

Check out many more: Adam Levine’s Instagram and Twitter!

Adam Levine’s ‘SNL’ Shirtlessness


I’ve been kicking myself since early yesterday that I fell asleep 10 minutes into this week’s “Saturday Night Live”… but it turns out I saw the best bit of the whole show! But in case you missed it, here’s video of Adam Levine taking his shirt off during his “SNL” monologue:

More clips of Adam’s appearance at Socialite Life!