Bachelor Chris Soules Shirtless (20 Photos)

bachelor chris shirtless

Bachelor Chris Soules shirtless photos have been surprisingly easy to come by already. Only two episodes into ABC’s ‘The Bachelor,’ the shy and soft-spoken farmer has shown a shocking, but very welcome, willingness to disrobe for the cameras. Of course, when producers put your shower outside, maybe you don’t have that much of a choice!

So far we’ve seen multiple shower shots (thank you, ABC) and a pool party for the season’s first group date. Yes, there were sexy women in bikinis galore as well, but if you’ve found a straight man who watches this show, you have found the proverbial unicorn. The rest of them really don’t know what they’re missing, do they?

Next week, it appears that lucky viewers will be treated to a Bachelor Chris/Jimmy Kimmel dual shower. Yes, that’s the late-night host joining Prince Farming in his outdoor shower stall and helping soap him up. It is highly insane but, like the shirtlessness itself, not the least bit unwelcome. In fact, whoever thinks of this crazy stuff is not only a genius, he is my spirit animal.

We’re certain there will be more Bachelor body shots in the episodes to come. In the meantime, check out Swoonworthy’s gallery of Bachelor Chris Soules Shirtless Pics:

The Bachelor‘ airs Mondays at 8pm ET on ABC.

UPDATE: We’ve added some *amazing* sweaty and shirtless workout shots from Episode 3 below! (We’re especially fond of the last one.)

Bachelor Chris Soules Shirtless Workout Pics

Bachelor Chris Soules shirtless workout

Bachelor Chris Soules shirtless workout

Bachelor Chris Soules shirtless workout

Bachelor Chris Soules shirtless workout

Bonus: A sweaty shot of a shirtless Chris via the Instagram account of former ‘Bachelor’ contestant Michelle Money:


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