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Hugh Laurie Has the Blues, Y’all

Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie

Who dat?!?!

Believe or not, the man singing dem blues in the Big Easy last week is “House” star Hugh Laurie.

Yes, he’s a “white, middle-class Englishman” — worse yet, “an actor: one of those pampered ninnies who can’t find his way through an airport without a babysitter” (his words, not mine). But that doesn’t mean he can’t feel the blues, and sing it pretty dang well.

His upcoming album, “Let Them Talk,” is out next month in the U.K., but doesn’t see a U.S. release until September.

But you can check out a three-song clip of his debut performance last week in New Orleans at the Guardian website now.

For more information, including tour dates, check out Hugh’s official site. Can’t wait til a proper gig stateside!

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Daily Swoon: Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel
Via Zimbio!

Josh Duhamel hosted the Youth Run 4 Japan charity event yesterday in Santa Monica, Calif., with proceeds going to aid Japan following the devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami. If you couldn’t participate in the run, you can still donate via the American Red Cross, among many other charitable outlets, and purchase one of the event’s adorable T-shirts and/or totes!

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U.S. Men’s Soccer Team Dressed To Thrill

USA vs. Argentina

Soooo good to see the U.S. men’s national soccer team back in action over the weekend — even better, they tied Argentina and the phenomenal Lionel Messi, 1-1 (so, yes, we can consider it WINNING)!

Also winning: Since American hotties Carlos Bocanegra, Landon Donovan, Oguchi Onyewu and Co. couldn’t show up like this — especially in New Jersey’s frigid weather — they at least looked sharp as hell in their new red kits.

Click the pics for a better look:

Catch the U.S. playing again next on Tuesday, vs. Paraguay — fingers crossed that the game, to be held in Nashville, is a hot one!

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Images via Daylife!

16 Adorkable Photos of Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion

Last week’s Entertainment Weekly cover boy is having a particularly good year — so it can’t be too painful for Captain Tightpants to turn 40 on Sunday!

In honor of Nathan Fillion’s landmark birthday, we’re sharing some favorite adorkable photos of the “Castle” hunk — many of which he himself shared with his 781,000-plus followers on Twitter! Enjoy!

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