Hunky Celebs Take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice Bucket Challenge celebs

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a social-media phenomenon that has raised awareness of the neurodegenerative disease to new heights as well as tens of millions of dollars to help fight it. By now, you’ve probably witnessed scores of your own friends dousing themselves with ice-cold water and seen videos of dozens of celebrities doing the same, all while challenging their other famous friends. We’ve gathered up all the hunky celebrity men we could find taking on the challenge and posted the videos for your enjoyment below. We’re still waiting for Channing Tatum to answer Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson‘s call and Chris Hemsworth [UPDATE: He did it and we have it!] to respond to Robert Downey Jr., and we are wondering when someone will finally get around to challenging Hugh Jackman [UPDATE: Done! See below!], Alex O’Loughlin [UPDATE: Done! Watch it below!], Taylor Kinney, Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Alexander Skarsgard. And you can’t convince us that David Beckham isn’t working on his own video this very second! [UPDATE: Becks did it! Evidence below!]

You can learn more about this awful disease at the ALS Association website before donating whatever amount you can online at the same link.

In the meantime, enjoy videos from hot athletes and actors and more, including ‘Dancing With the Stars’ hottie Derek Hough, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez and ‘Arrow’ hunk Stephen Amell (pictured above, left to right).

Cristiano Ronaldo:

Tyler Hoechlin:

Matt Bomer:

Adam Levine, Blake Shelton & Carson Daly:

LeBron James:

Derek Hough:

Graham Zusi:

Ashton Kutcher, Wilmer Valderrama & Dax Shepard:

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Jason Momoa’s Climbing Videos Rock Our World

Jason Momoa shirtless climbing

Jason Momoa is one of our favorite stars to follow on Instagram, because he’s so open and funny and generous with great stuff like this. Momoa, who first grabbed our attention in ‘Game of Thrones,’ posted a series of videos showing him rock climbing at Southern California’s LA Boulders. The fact that most of them are shirtless and feature a lot of Khal Drogo-like grunting make them that much more required viewing. Speaking of required viewing, don’t miss Jason’s most recent project, ‘Road to Paloma.’ He wrote it, directed it, stars in it and produced it, so if you love Momoa like we love Momoa, you’ll love ‘Paloma’ too!

Watch Jason Momoa’s shirtless rock climbing videos below!

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Sam Heughan Shirtless (17 Photos)

Sam Heughan shirtless 1


‘Outlander’ star Sam Heughan has come for our hearts — and based on our reactions of seeing his beautiful body shirtless, it doesn’t appear as if he’ll be letting go of our hearts (and other body parts) any time soon. The hot Scot plays hot Scot Jamie Fraser in the spanking-new Starz series based on the romantic/time-travel books by Diana Gabaldon. New episodes of ‘Outlander’ air on Saturdays at 9pm ET, and you can bet we will be watching every single week and swooning of Sam, whether unclothed or clothed (kilt alert, ladies!). In the meantime, enjoy these pics of Sam Heughan shirtless:

Fangirl over Sam via social media:

Follow Sam Heughan on Twitter
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And check out the show on Starz:

‘Outlander’ Official Site

Charlie Hunnam’s Rubdown Gets Us Over the Hump

Charlie Hunnam rubdown

‘Sons of Anarchy’ star Charlie Hunnam missed the show’s final Comic-Con panel over the weekend, but he certainly made an impact there nonetheless. In a video specially produced for the event, Hunnam appears naked, covered only by a towel, getting pampered by a trio of other badass cast members. The clip is glorious, and his oil rubdown is already the stuff of legend (at least in our own perverted minds). Watch it in full (and bonus best GIFs!) below:

Watch Charlie Hunnam’s Massage Message

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Cristiano Ronaldo Named the Fittest Man Alive

Cristiano Ronaldo Men's Health cover

Men’s Health

Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has a new title to enjoy alongside his recent FIFA Ballon d’Or: Fittest Man Alive! Men’s Health makes the claim on the cover of its September 2014 issue, and the accompanying photos provide evidence that the magazine’s bold assertion just might be completely correct. The Real Madrid stud appears shirtless in low-slung jeans that show a peek of his own CR7 underwear. As is Cristiano’s style — last seen on his totally naked Vogue cover — there isn’t a hair on his head out of place. Sadly, there also isn’t a single hair to found on his entire body.

The astonishingly apparent V-shape to his upper body that isn’t Photoshopped in the least, as proven by the behind-the-scenes video of his Men’s Health photo shoot below. And for those wondering how he gets that amazing body, you can get a sneak peak at the “Fittest Man Alive” cover story here.

Cristiano Ronaldo fitness

Men’s Health

Watch Cristiano Ronaldo’s Men’s Health Cover Shoot

In related news, Cristiano is teasing next week’s release of new CR7 underwear campaign with this sexy pic he posted on Facebook:

Cristiano Ronaldo underwear pic

Facebook / Cristiano Ronaldo


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The ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Trailer’s 10 Most Important GIFs

Jamie Dornan shirtless in Fifty Shades of Grey

The first ‘Fifty Shades of Grey‘ official trailer has finally arrived. After watching the two-and-a-half-minute trailer obsessively several times over, we’ve identified the clip’s 10 most important GIFs. Click through to see stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in action, both in animated GIF form and in the full, uncensored trailer itself! ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ hits theaters on Valentine’s Day 2015.

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Joe Manganiello Struts His Seriously Hot Stuff for People

Joe Manganiello shirtless


Swoonworthy super fave Joe Manganiello and his ridonkulously ripped abs cover People magazine’s Hollywood’s Hottest Bachelors issue (July 14, 2014). Is this People’s way of test marketing to see if Joe will be a popular choice for Sexiest Man Alive?!? FINALLY?!?! We approve of the choice, obis. And we definitely approve of the following scorching-hot photos of ‘True Blood’ stud — and don’t miss the video, which features plenty of sexy shots, too!

Watch Joe Manganiello Answer Classic ‘Dating Game’ Questions


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