Chris Evans Shirtless Scenes Supercut

Chris Evans shirtless

The Wrap has put together a super-sexy supercut of Chris Evans in some of his big-screen shirtless scenes. We were not aware that today was our birthday, but OK! Behold the ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ star in all of his glory — well, waist up, anyway. As our friends at the WOW Report so perfectly put it, it’s the “best 60 seconds you’ll spend all day.”

Watch Chris Evans’ ’60 Sexiest Seconds’ Supercut

Shirtless Zac Efron Flexes His Muscles

Zac Efron shirtless Neighbors

Zac Efron shirtless Neighbors

Zac Efron shirtless Neighbors

Zac Efron shirtless Neighbors

We used to think our favorite of Zac Efron‘s many delightful physical features was his beautiful face. We were wrong. The actor has done everything in his power of late to promote his droolworthy torso (see: ‘That Awkward Moment’ and its notorious nude scene). We are buying what Zac is selling — heck, we’ll buy two! We knew we’d see some Efron skin in his upcoming flick ‘Neighbors,’ thanks to some early, well-considered promo shots. Basically, he was shirtless and all muscly — as he once again is in the new red-band trailer for the film. This time, we get to see Zac, once again naked from the waist up, flexing his muscles in front of an Abercrombie + Fitch store. We also get to see him lose a dildo fight with Seth Rogen. If this is your sort of thing, ‘Neighbors’ hits theaters May 9. We don’t judge … and we will will see you there! Check out the latest trailer below:

Zac Efron shirtless Neighbors

Watch the New ‘Neighbors’ Red-Band Trailer

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David Beckham Swimwear Shots

David Beckham swimwear


David Beckham is retired from the soccer pitch, but he still is keeping himself in top form, as you can see in these newly released images. Beckham shared the shots of him modeling his new H&M swimwear line via his Facebook page late last week. He remains an impressive specimen, which makes us very happy. We just wish Becks looked a little happier about taking his clothes off yet again. More pics below!

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Top 10 ‘Game of Thrones’ Hunks

Top 10 Game of Thrones Hunks

The excitement throughout the realm is palpable: HBO’s pop-culture phenomenon ‘Game of Thrones‘ returns with its fourth season on April 6. We love absolutely everything about the series based on George R.R. Martin’s ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ — especially the hot guys! It would take a Dothraki horde to keep us from tuning in next Sunday to drool over all the handsome men in Westeros and beyond. It wasn’t easy deciding which characters would make our list of Top 10 ‘Game of Thrones’ Hunks, especially because we didn’t limit it to the living. Because this show has such a high body count — and our picks could be gone not only before the end of this season but before the end of this sentence (!) — we included men alive, dead and otherwise. Just no Others.

There are so many ‘GoT’ hotties we had to make some serious cuts to some serious studs (something this show is particularly good at). The ruggedly handsome Ned Stark (Sean Bean) was one shower shy of heading it up. The studly Renly Baratheon (Gethin Anthony) got knocked off prematurely, by a guy who hasn’t even appeared on screen yet. And while Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) is totally our favorite character too, he’s simply a nose short of making this list.

Check out our list of the Top 10 ‘Game of Thrones’ Hunks, ranked in order of hotness — because after all, winter is coming! (Vote for your favorite in the poll below — if we’ve somehow missed your man completely, let us know in the comments.)

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Channing Tatum’s ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Look Is Growing on Us

Channing Tatum Jupiter Ascending poster

Not going to deny it: We definitely did not like the first look we got at Channing Tatum‘s sic-fi get-up in the upcoming flick ‘Jupiter Ascending’ (out July 18). We even went so far as to invoke the famous phrase “Channing All Over Our Tatums” in a completely negative way. But with the release of a new character poster and trailer, Chan’s blond hair is growing on us (sorry if that sounds gross). We’ve gotten used to seeing the actor with light blond hair, eyebrows and goatee — and we always dug the guy liner and the pointy ears — and now we even think the overall vibe is pretty cute.

The badass poster might have something to do with that, of course, with Tatum’s tattooed bicep taking center stage right along with his leather pants and rock-star belt. We don’t know what material that sleeveless shirt is made of, but it best be durable. We have grand designs on tearing it off his body should we ever be in the same solar system. Check out the trailer for ‘Jupiter Ascending’ below — it sure looks as if Channing is shirtless a lot in it!

Watch the new ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Trailer

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Dwayne Johnson Hercules Hotness

Dwayne Johnson as Hercules

Paramount Pictures

The answer to the question “Can the Rock really get any more ripped?” is yes. Yes, he most certainly can — and has! Our dear Dwayne Johnson has somehow sculpted his already legendary 6-foot-5-inch body into even more godlike shape for the lead role in the upcoming movie ‘Hercules’ (out July 25). “I trained and worked harder than ever for 8 months for this role,” Johnson wrote on his Instagram account recently. “Lived alone and locked myself away (like a moody 260lb monk) in Budapest for 6 months while filming. Goal was to completely transform into this character. Disappear in the role. Press journalist asked me today, with the mental & physical toll the role had on me, would I do it again? Not only would I do it again.. I’d do it f*cking twice. You’ll be the first to see.” Get a sneak peek below!

Watch the trailer for ‘Hercules’ starring Dwayne Johnson

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